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Looking and reading through Andrew Goodwin's theories on making a music video I decided to test how many could be applied across the field. I used Good Charlotte's song 'The River'

Text of Goodwin’s theory

  • 1. Andrew Goodwins theory relating to making a music video.Relating to Good Charlottes The River

2. Goodwin says that with different genres there are specificaspects that help represent the genre of the band andthe song. Good Charlottes The River; is a rock song,conventions that normally link with this genre are;-Bright Colours-Life Themes-Band Performance-Direct Address-Narrative 3. These lyrics link to the video literally asThe shadow of the band are in the shadows and picturesL.A of L.A float in the background. The context links to the band members lives and the song narrative.youre gonna growUnderneath these lights is literallyup fast underneathperformed, and relates to Matt Sandersthese lights the singer who is from a family wherehe had to grow up in L.A in he papersbefore his career took off, As somechildren have to in L.A.Baptised in theThe song throughout has religiousriver, I see theconnotations and during thevision of a life andbeginning of the chorus the band areI want to besinging in a dried up river bed in thedeliveredcentre of L.A. Context is involvedwith the history that the poor werebaptised in rivers rather than church. 4. At the fast paced beginning verse, the drumbeat speeds up and as this happenssimultaneously five screens flash up similarbut varied images. They speed through likea flip book of photographs and slow as thechorus comes in.In the bridge of the song there is a long notewhere the only instrument playing is theguitar this low note holds and all of thelighting dips on the band and there is a dullplain screen light behind.The heightening of the song is juxtaposedby the lead singer (Joel Madden) stoppingall actions and entering a praying position.The visual coupled with the music almostcreates an ominous feeling like churchmusic. 5. Throughout the whole video there are repetitive shots of the duel lead singers (JoelMadden and Matt Sanders) as each of their verses begin so do the close ups ofthem on the dark podiums. The rest of the band members have varying shots mosthave one or two close-up shots with the majority being medium to long range shots.The two locations switch between a dark room where the artists are on podiumsthrough to a dried up riverbed which uses a long shot of the band to create adiegesis for the video. 6. Throughout Good Charlottes music videos thereis always an element of dark lighting. I believe thishighlights the band members themselves and inturn helps them to promote the clothes which theywear (a brand designed by the twin members Joeland Benji Madden) I think that this could be asubtle way to advertise what they are wearing anddraw the audiences attention to them specifically.Good Charlotte The AnthemGood Charlotte Lifestyles Of TheGood Charlotte Girls And BoysRich And The Famous 7. Looking at most of Good Charlottes videos, with the genre punk rock, Inoticed that direct address was frequently used in some parts of the song.This is used because it is appropriate to the genre and gives a certainatmosphere that the band would want to create. With this in mind whenlooking particularly at the video The River the lead singer looks at thecamera a few times, however because it is not a regular direct address thisalmost creates the feeling that when their is an interaction it conveys andenhances the meaning of the lyrics and video. 8. Whilst looking into internal references Ifound that with the pop-punk-rock culturethe artists often relate themselves toother acts specifically with GoodCharlotte and The River the bad hasteamed up with two members of anotherhard rock band Avenged Sevenfold thishelps present them to a wider rockaudience. The band promote themselveson having siblings within and specificallytwins. In one of their songs Lifestyles OfThe Rich And Famous there arereferences to various contextual people atthe time such as the trial of OJ Simpsonand politicians that have made headlinesthrough crime.