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  • Creating a Modern Day Propaganda Poster

    Ideas to spark support of an argumentative position with visual media

    Linda Dougherty, Teacher LibrarianNorthwest High School Library

    January 2015

    Email: lindough@gmail.comTwitter: @ljdougherty

  • Historical Propaganda Posters

    First Amendment right to freedom of speech

    Propaganda posters express a point of view to support a topic or argument.

    Propaganda posters are NOT advertisements.

  • World War II - Traditional Posters

  • Colors Emphasize

    Point of view



  • Opposing Viewpoints TopicClick below for

    Argumentative Topics Resources

  • Poster GeneratorsKeep Calm-o-matic Poster Generator

    Change Background Colors Background image gallery Upload new images as

    background image Change font types and colors

    Need images for logos?

  • Save image to use on a slide show (Use Google account to login into generator)

    Or Save as PDF Both images and PDFs

    may be uploaded to your Google Drive accounts and shared with your teacher or turned in to Google Classroom.

    Saving Posters

  • Google Drawing

    Google Drawing posters can be shared on Google Drive with teachers.

    Easy to research copyright friendly images.

    Work with a partner on the same project.

  • Google Drawing Tutorial Slides

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