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Google Tools and Teacher Sites

Google Tools and Teacher SitesBy Crystal Barlettacbarletta@dphds.org1Web Based LearningWith the growth of online learners, it is necessary that we address web-based learning and how individuals can utilize the Internet to learn and apply new skills. This category will help guide web-based learners and provide them with a link to social networking, interactive learning, and current information.Content based and general websites

Google Tools and SitesGoogle Search Google Docs Google Sites Google Translate Google Timeline Google Apps for EducatorsGoogle Apps for EducatorsCreate and share documentsCollaborateCommunicate 5846122823606579512&ei=ivyBSpTfAo7EqgL7s9DhDg&hl=en Google Docs

General Teacher WebsitesCreate a website for each Website example Create quizzes, word puzzles, and jeopardy with quia.

Content Based WebsitesContent Based Sites for every subjectTechnology should be used as a teaching tool to enhance learningEngage studentsCollaborationOrganization Hebrew & JudaicsHebrew Alphabet News Texts of Judaism

HistoryTour Historical Sites

Students can experience by interacting with this site in the development of the Jamestown Colony in the 17th century. The site is ideal for upper elementary and middle school students.

Map it Out

History courses require various maps to illustrate changes in society or to demonstrate why a battle was fought. This website provides links to multiple maps that pertain to American history from exploration through the 19th century. Also, each provides additional links to various databases that include historical maps. Various exercises can be used within a Social Studies classroom that can use this website as an excellent resource.

History ContinuedTour through Time via the Library of Congress Amazing AmericansJump Back in Time Explore the StatesJoin America at Play See, Hear and Sing. Create lessons and WebQuests

EconomicsLearnHowthe Market Works site allows students to buy and sell shares based on a portfolio. Also, teachers can organize students into a class to keep track of the gains and losses. Thus, students will be able to discuss their rationale for purchasing a stock and gaining a deeper understanding.

MathMath lessons, tutorials, and help Graphing help and animations

ScienceView animations of dissections and life cycles Biology Explanations & Tutorials

Health and FitnessConnect to a Health Hub of Information

Includes short videos that discuss diseases to body systems. Learn about Health Issues for Kids and Teens

Links on the site provide students with information regarding: staying healthy; illness and injuries; staying safe; and health problems (to name a few).

Sports Training

EnglishRead, Research, Plan, & Study Grammar and Writing Free Audio Books Full Text Books HumanitiesCompose Music National Association for Music Education Theater play scripts online Theatre games and exercises

Humanities ContinuedVirtual Art Galleries National Art Education Association Photo Editing (this is also great for Yearbook) ConclusionGoogle tools as well as the free websites and resources help increase productivity and make learning more interactiveTry at least one of these sites and create new lesson plans based on technology integrationCrystal Barlettas websites: Contact Information: