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various mobile tracking methods are described and one GPS is one method elaborated

Text of gps tracking techniques

  • 1. MOBILE DEVICE TRACKING USING GPS Presented by Saurabh Pol Suyog Oswal Srikant Sudhakar Guided by Prof. Pranita Mahajan

2. INTRODUCTION 3. DEVICE TRACKING Points 4. DEVICE TRACKING TECHNIQUES 1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Captures and stores geographical info. collecting, managing, analyzing, and portraying geographical info. allows the user to view, understand, manipulate, and visualize data to reveal relationships and patterns. 5. DEVICE TRACKING TECHNIQUES 2. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Uses Small, battery-less microchips A unique identifier for identifying object The RFID device does not need to be positioned precisely relative to the scanner. RFID devices will work within a few feet (up to 20 feet for high-frequency devices) of the scanner 6. DEVICE TRACKING TECHNIQUES 3. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Stations Basic service set Extended service set Distribution system 7. DEVICE TRACKING TECHNIQUES 4. Global Positioning System (GPS) Space Segment User Segment Control Segment 8. GPS TECHNIQUES 1.FIRST SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 1. Client tier 2. Server 3. Database 4. GPS 9. GPS TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTATION FUNCTIONS OF DIFFERENT COMPONENTS 1.Mobile 2.Server 3.Database CALCULATING POSITION USING GPS 10. GPS TECHNIQUES 2.SECOND SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 1. Mobile Client 2. Server 3. Database 4. GPS 5. Map Service 11. GPS TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTATION 1. Mobile Client Side Implementation Graphical User Interface (GUI) Get Location Short Message Service (SMS) Location Sharing 12. GPS TECHNIQUES 2. Web Server Side Implementation Web Server Architecture And Database 3.Map Services Google Maps 13. Web Server Side Implementation 14. GPS TECHNIQUES 3.THIRD SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 1. Mobile Client 2. Server 3. GPS 15. GPS TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTATION 1. Mobile Client Side Implementation Retrieving GPS Data and Sending an Automatically generated Message Plotting of Users Positions onto Google Maps Display Users Position onto Google Maps 2. Server side Processing of GPS Data by SMS Server Storing of GPS Data into Database Retrieve Database Data and Display 16. GPS TECHNIQUES FOURTH SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 1.Client side-Mobile application , webbrowser 2.Server side-Business logic web app. 3.Database 17. GPS TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTATION SOFTWARE MODULES 1. EJB container 2. Web container 3. Midlet 4. Database 18. COMPARISION OF GPS TECH. FACTORS FIRST TECHNIQUE SECOND TECHNIQUE THIRD TECHNIQUE FOURTH TECHNIQUE 1.Client side language J2ME J2ME Python JAVA/ANDROID 2.Server side language PHP with Apache Web server PHP with WAMP Web server PHP Script J2EE Application server 3.Database MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL 4.Location sharing Using Internet SMS/Internet SMS SMS/GPRS 5.Locating coordinates By trilateration By trilateration By trilateration By trilateration 6.Map services Google earth Google maps Google maps Google maps 19. APPLICATION Crime Investigation Traveling Locating Friends And Family Tracking Missing peoples 20. CONCLUSION We have studied different type techniques For mobile tracking We found (which tech of )GPS is comparatively cheap and easy , more appropriate way for mobile tracking Further improvement can be done in this area to give better performance 21. References 22. THANK YOU !