Greendale Jobs Club - Creating a LinkedIn profile

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Greendale Jobs Club - Creating a LinkedIn profile


  • 1.Greendale Jobs ClubCreating a LinkedIn profilewww.linkedin.comLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile

2. Content Overview Sign up Confirm your account via email Accessing your email contacts Selecting email contacts to connect with Advertising your profile on Facebook and Twitter Choosing an account type Your profile pageLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 3. Sign upType into the address bar at the top of yourinternet browser. The page below will be displayedLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 4. Sign upType in your first and last name. This will be the name appearingon your profile. Then add your current email address and choosea password longer than 6 charactersLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 5. Sign upType in your postal code, if you are currently a job seeker, studentor employed, your latest job title, most recent company andenter the time period for your latest job. This information will beadded to your profileLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 6. Sign upLinkedIn allows you to use your email contacts to automaticallynotify them that you are have a new LinkedIn profile pageLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 7. Confirm your accountYou now need to confirm to LinkedIn that you own the emailaccount you registered with. You can let LinkedIn log into youraccount via the Confirm my Windows Live Hotmail Accountbutton on the bottom leftLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 8. Confirm your accountA pop up window will appear where you can log into your emailaccount. In this case I am using hotmail.comLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 9. Accessing your email contactsLinkedIn will ask permission to use your email contacts. You needto accept this if you would like LinkedIn to automatically emailyour contacts, notifying them of your new LinkedIn profileLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 10. Selecting email contactsOnce LinkedIn has access to your email contacts it will show youa list of people you can connect with. Select the people youwould like to connect with and press the Add Connectionsbutton on the bottom left of the screenLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 11. Posting to Facebook and TwitterYou can share your new LinkedIn profile on Facebook and TwitterLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 12. Choosing an account typeThe basic account will get you up and running for free to get youstarted with LinkedIn.LinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 13. Profile pageYou have created your profile page for LinkedIn but you arent quitefinished. You now need to update your profile which we will be coveringin our next series of How to on LinkedInLinkedInCreating a LinkedIn profile 14. Link in with usEach week we will be updating our series of How toguides to using LinkedIn. Please follow us at thefollowing a LinkedIn profile