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  • 1.Greenland By: Dylan BrooksTake a Tour of Greenland

2. Where Do You Want To Go? GeographyMajor Feature 2 Economy 2 FoodEconomy 3 Natural disaster 2Geography 2People ReligionGovernmentGeography 3People 2Natural disasterPeople 3Holidays Bibliography Major FeaturesEconomy Holidays 2SportsClick Here To Exit 3. Bibliography Back 4. Geography Greenland occupies an area of 2,166,086 square kilometers which makes it the largest island in the world. Greenland is mostly covered in ice, but there is some grasslands. The most Northern point of Greenland is Cape Morris Jesup Back 5. Geography 2 The most Southern point in Greenland is Cape Farewell The climate varies very great from North to South and East to West. In the summer the warmest temperature is in the middle of summer, reaching only 10 degrees celsius. Back 6. Geography 3 The icebergs raise astonishing 3000 meters over sea level The most productive glacier moves 30 meters a day Because of the ice in the summer it rarely reaches 10 degrees Celsius Back 7. Major Natural Disasters 1 major disaster is the ice melting The Glaciers name is Academy Glacier Every day Greenland's glacier is moving closer and closer to the oceanBack 8. Major Natural Disaster 2 The Glacier is moving roughly 30 meters a day The Glacier covers almost all of Greenland The only place it doesnt cover is around the edges, near the waterBack 9. Major features One of the Major features are the Northern lights Every so often on a clear night the Northern lights are out The people of Greenland, when these lights occur the people watch as the lights go across the sky in beautiful colors Back 10. Major features 2 The second major feature is the Glaciers The Glaciers show what life was like back when there ancestors were around preserving facts on how they lived The Glaciers are slowly melting though, so hundreds of years from now it'll all be gone Back 11. People The harsh arctic climate is great for fishing and also hunting, but first if they want to hunt the animals, they have to find where they are. The herd of animals is always on the run looking for dry grass to eat in the winter climates Greenland's main languages are Greenlandic and also a little bit of EnglishBack 12. People 2 In Greenland the infant morality is 15.4 deaths every 1000 births. The first people to arrive in Greenland were the Paleo Eskimos These people were discovered through archeologist findings Back 13. People 3 In 986 B.C. the most southwestern point of Greenland was claimed by two groups The Icelanders and the Norwegians It was also shared with the Inuit people, which is still one of Greenland's major Ethnic groups Back 14. Religion Greenland's religion is Evangelical Lutheran Greenland is very religious 96.6% of people are religious But 2.2% of the people aren't religious Back 15. Holidays On December first is New Years Eve January first, they have New Years Day just like us The fourth week after Easter everyone goes to churches to general prayer Back 16. Holidays 2 On June 21 is Ullortuneq The biggest Holiday in Greenland is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day There the most important holidays because its the time when people visit and eat for two days strait with their family Back 17. Economy Greenland's economy has historically been based on the seafood industries, but new opportunities were presented, which will diversify the economy Greenland is also known for mining gold, rubies, oil, and even diamonds Greenland is situated between two major economies (Europe and north America) making it a gateway for trade.Back 18. Economy 2 In the 1990s Greenland's economy had negative growth But since 1993 it started climbing slowly back up out of the hole it put itself in The main currency is DKr otherwise known as Danish Krone Back 19. Economy 3 The Global warming is having great effect on Greenland, which is making it hard to reach hunting ground If they cant get to there hunting ground there losing lots of money each day they cant get there Tourism is cut short because of high prices and short seasons Back 20. Food Greenland's food has been based historically based on seafood Even today its been based on seafood Since of ice melting, its been harder to reach the fishing grounds with the ice in the way Back 21. Government Greenland's Government is Parliamentary Greenland is a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark The Party system is dominated by the Inuit CommunityBack 22. Sports Greenland's main sport is Futball, otherwise known as Soccer The league is called the A.T.A. A.T.A stands for Ammaassalimmi Timersoqatigiiffik AmassakakBack