Guide and Celebrate Professional Learning with Digital Competencies

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1. Guide & Celebrate Professional Learning with Digital Competencies ISTE 2015 (and badges!) 2. Resources for You (case sensitive) thats the letter O 3. @lynhilt 4. Tim Leister @tim_leister High School Science Teacher, Secondary Technology Integrator at Elanco School District Golf Coach, and Husband and Father of Two Girls 5. Whos in the room? (case sensitive) thats the letter O 6. Today How can you support the professional growth of your teachers with instructional technology by creating and using digital competencies? How can you celebrate teachers accomplishments and build capacity using digital badging systems? How can you support your district administrators to help them be involved in the process? 7. Background District Demographics 1:1 Implementation & Devices Professional Development Options 8. Focus on the Professional PD a priority Impact of teacher development on student achievement Administrator inuence 9. Spartan Digital Competencies Built from ISTE Standards for Teachers 10. Goal Setting Self Assessment 11. Text Celebrating Teacher Successes! Our experiences with digital badges 12. Credly Distributing badges and the honor system Importance of face-to-face time with teachers 13. Elanco Learns blog 14. Next Steps? More administrator involvement with planning and goal-setting Consistent walkthrough forms, developing common language around effective technology integration Use of strands to differentiate PD and beginning blended learning options for teachers using Canvas 15. Takeaways? Whats one actionable step you will take after leaving this session to help grow teacher capacity through the use of competencies and badges? add your thoughts/questions to the Padlet wall! 16. Claim your badge for todays session! Create a Credly account and sign in.Visit the link below (also linked on our resource site) to claim your badge!


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