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2. What we know today as Halloween or Halloween is celebrated make over 3000 years by the Celts, a warrior people who inhabited areas of Ireland, England, Scotland and France. Precisely October 31, Celts celebrated the new year with Samhain, a pagan festival. With European immigration to the United States, mainly of Irish Catholics in 1846, came the tradition of Halloween to America. When talking about Halloween or Day of the Witches thinking about costumes, makeup, party, sweets and children, but tradition states that its conclusion was not always festive and cheerful, and that the rites that were practiced during the night they had a character and religious cleansing. 3. HALLOWEEN IN UNITED KINGDOM 4. In this country, the festival takes place on October 31, as is happening in the United States. During the night of All Souls two well-known festivals, the feast of Samhain (in Ireland) and Pomona Day (day of the goddess of fruits andgardens) are combined. During the festivities smaller masquerade as something terrifying, children of England, like Scotland should win the gift through different games. 5. HALLOWEEN IN USA 6. A truly American holiday, Halloween always falls on October 31, and is the time when the young and young-at-heart don costumes, troll for treats, and go in search of spooky activities, such as touring haunted houses andcemeteries.Halloween festivities are celebrated in many different ways in cities and towns across the United States, ranging from family-friendly trick-or-treating to adults-only costume parties 7. SUPERSTITIONS 8. Bats: if you see a bat flying around your house your house is haunted Black cats: if you see a black cat Halloween night means that a witch is close, because cats are companions of witches Pumpkin lamps: pumpkins with candles inside were used to guide the spirits of the family at home.