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1. Helicopter rescues 2. Pre- rescue checks: Do not fire parachute flares. Clear your deck of loose items. Brief crew early. 3. Helicopter VHF communicationwith helo. You will be asked tomotor/sail into thewind or stop. Helo will approach onits starboard side. 4. WinchmanWinchman will be lowered onto the boat.Remember:- Do not touchearthing wire, this must touchthe deck or sea.Gather in the hi-line(weighted line) & use it to helpcontrol the winchman.Take care to stow this line sothat it can run out easily(bucket & gloves).DO NOT tie it onto the boat ! 5. Rescue: Winchman will take charge when on board If lifted by a strop: keep arms by your side Crew will take care of you when you arriveat the helo door. Serious casualties will be lifted off bystretcher. Thank the crew on completion ! 6. REMEMBER: No flares Crew briefing VHF communication Earthing line Maintain course Do as you are told ! Thank helo crew..