Historical development of physical education (primitive socety, ancient oriental countries and ancient near eastern countries)

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2. Man moves according : to their satisfaction needs and necessity 3. Hunting wild animals 4. Fishing along the rivers 5. Sometimes they engage murder for their protection 6. Dance and play 7. ANCIENT ORIENTAL COUNTRIES 8. China is concerned only by their intellectualexcellence and they neglect physical activities.Military training in ancient China includes:ANCIENT CHINA 9. Wrestling Pugilism 10. Fencing Tripod lifting 11. Horse-racing Hunting and swimming 12. Kong-fu 13. INDIA Physical education is strongly influencedby their religious belief. They focus on spiritual needs, not theneeds of the body and worldly things. 14. Throwing Tumbling 15. Chariot races Riding elephantsand horses 16. Playing marbles Swordsmanship 17. Dancing Wrestling and footraces 18. Yoga 19. The civilizations of ancient Egypt, Assyria,Babylonia, Syria, Palestine and Persia believedthat the strong drive to physical education andsports would provide to them a strong andpowerful military army.ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN COUNTRIES 20. Egyptian youths were reared in a mannerinvolving much physical activity. As young boysthey were instructed in the use of variousweapons of war, such as..Egypt 21. Bow and arrow Battle axe 22. Mace lanceand shield 23. Marching Running 24. Jumping Pirouetting 25. Their main objective was building an empirethrough military aggression. A strong armyPersian army meant a healthy and physically fitarmy.Persia 26. Running Slinging 27. Shooting a bow Throwing ajavelin 28. Riding andhuntingMarching 29. thank you.end. 30. Additional Archery Split-feather dance 31. Whole-feather dance Battle dance 32. Jujitsu Polo 33. Tug-of-war Kite flying