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My hobbies and sportsMade by AvaStamford Green Primary School, Epsom England.Year 2015-16

HobbiesTennisDancingSwimmingCyclingGuitarLots of other SportsBeing happy

Tennis- Friday Dancing-SaturdaySwimming-WednesdayCycling- Whenever (for fun)Guitar- MondayBeing happy- Every day Tennis- My local courtsDancing- TadworthSwimming- Local leisure centreCycling- The woodsGuitar- My houseBeing happy- EverywhereWhenWhere

I love ClubsSpanish Link-School

Basketball- School

Dance-School and Tadworth hall

Fish club- School-crafts

Clubs I goDo you go to any clubs after school?

Thanks for watchingBye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Feliz ao nuevo!

BY SOPHIE. Stamford Green Primary School, Epsom, England. Year 2015-16My Hobbies and sports

ReadingI enjoy reading fiction books. My favourite book isthe Blood of Olympus from the Heroes of Olympus series.

It is based on the Ancient Greek and Roman gods.

Board GamesI also enjoy playing board games with my family. My favourite board games are :CluedoArticulateTrivial Pursuit TwisterSnakes and Ladders

Card GamesI also enjoy playing card games . My favourite ones are:Crazy EightsBlack LadyBeggar my NeighbourWar

CyclingI like to go cycling with my dad. We usually go to Ashtead. (A town near by).

Thank you very much for watching!