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How Teachers Can

How Teachers CanCreate great ContentBy Ella Ben EmanuelFirst, a little about me.

What Im most interested in.Trained lecturer for British Council in ESL learning technologiesWebsite creation and contentUsing social media platforms for teaching and learningUsing advanced microsoft office tools for enhanced learningUsing flipped classroom methods for online learning

CreatingAdaptingSubstituting and modifyingExploringsharingWhat does Content Creation mean for teachers?

Teachers no longer have to rely on text books for their classroom contentIn our fast-changing world, materials that are selected for text books rapidly become outdatedDigital technologies mean it is becoming increasingly easy to create and share dynamic classroom content using various mediums, including video and audio clips and visuals

CREATINGAs an example, in order to help my 4 point literature students learning the Treasure of Lemon Brown I recorded myself reading the story out loud and uploaded it on you tube:

ADAPTING, SUBSTITUTING AND MODIFYINGSometimes we find materials that could be suitable for class but need some modificationThis doesnt mean changing the materials completelySimple tools can make materials more accessible to students or can turn a class into something dynamic

ADAPTINGExamples- using images for explaining words in a google search (unusual animals)Making a reading comprehension into an interactive quiz using kahootsUsing word programs to rewrite and adapt existing materials even an image here or an image there makes the material more accessible to studentsWhich would your student rather have?

Or this?This?One more example:Pre-reading for one of the pieces for the bagrut literature moduleWhat are your goals for the future? Write down words that reflect these goalsUsing a word cloud, students can make an image out of their words that can look like this;

ExploringTheres a whole new world out there!Its worthwhile to spend time discovering new material and tools to reduce the classroom blahsBy modelling ourselves as perpetual learners we present a positive pedagogic model to our studentsWhere to start.Find some great digital technology blogs and pinsPlay around with the latest games and gimmicks- find what works for youTry doing something new using pre-existing programs, such as word, google docs and power point

Dont be frightened of failureMastering technologies is a matter of trial and errorFind what works for youIf in doubt, ask googleThere are hacks to almost everythingWhen it comes to technology, self-learning is always better than someone else teaching youSharingTeachers are no longer lone wolves in the classroomIdeas are out there to be shared, borrowed and adaptedSharing is like riding a bike, uncomfortable at first for some of us, but ultimately becoming the most natural thing in the world

SharingBy sharing teachers are ultimately creating networks of interactive educators that strive to grow and achieve excellenceGetting peer feedback is a vital part of the processTo do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.Mark TwainTwo of my favorite places for sharing with other educators

SharingJust one example of something wonderful a colleague shared with me

SharingAnd heres something a facebook friend posted a while ago on one of the pages I follow:

Sharing with studentsI had a year where no one had to chase me for worksheets, rubrics or project detailsI put everything on a digital platform, including additional materials I intend to try new platforms like Edmodo next yearOvercome your fear of technologyMany teachers are frightened of technology and have convinced themselves that they are incapable of using itUnderstand that the only thing between you and these great tools are your misconceptionsNowadays, learning technologies are easier and easier to use and the net is full of tutorials and screenshots showing you exactly what to do.My message to you is..

CASEsHow much do you remember from my presentation?

Thanks for Listening!Looking forward to seeing and sharing your content !