How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Bathtime

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Bathtime is all about multi-tasking and being alert, but thats easier said than done. Follow these simple steps to ensure your baby is safe during bathtime.


  • 1.How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Bathtime

2. As the scouts say: Be prepared Be prepared for every eventuality: Before beginning, have everything within arms reach (towels, soap etc.). If you are missing something, just forget about it. 3. Choose the right temperature Dont inflict a hot bath on your newborn! The temperature should be roughly 37C.Always test with your elbow Its more sensitive than your hand. You only need 2-3 inches of water. 4. Learn the safety hold Ease your baby into the bath with the safety hold. Support head & shoulders with 1 hand and their bottom & legs with your other hand. Remember: Go feet-first into the bath. 5. Buy a non-skid matPlace a non-skid mat down to keep your child in one place.Dont make it more difficult than it should be for your little one to stay put. 6. Cover that tap!Buy a tap protector to avoid your babys soft head coming into contact with a solid tap. Theyre dirt cheap & come in novelty designs so will keep your baby amused at the same time! 7. Hair washing: The tricky part Support their back with 1 hand, reclining the head ever so slightly. With your spare hand, lather a small dollop of shampoo onto their head. Rinse with a damp flannel. Remember: Their hair produces little oil, so youll only need to do this once a week, twice at max. 8. Top Safety Tips Never top-up the bath with hot water - If youre concerned about your child getting cold, heat your bathroom. Never run the bath whilst your baby is in it: The sudden change in temperature will either startle or scaled them. 9. Top Safety TipsClean from head-to-toe: Starting from the cleanest part to the dirtiest. Dont clean the inside of your babys ears - This could damage their ear drums. 10. Learn More About Bathtime Safety Baby bath basics: A parents guide Bathing your babyBathtime Safety How to keep your baby safe during bathtimeTips for safe bathing