How to learn English?

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"How to learn English ?" is a note from video in the title and prepare for myself and my friends in a series "methods to learn English", this note just for speaking English and communicate. Thanks!



2. 4 words Meaning ( ngha) Relevance (s thch ng) Attention (s ch ) Memory (tr nh) n gin ch l s kt hp 4 th: ngha vic hc, s ph hp, s ch tm v tr nh. 3. #1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you Find your tools Use it like a master Tp trung vo ngn ng mt cch tha ng tm cng c, lao ng t c k nng nh mt ngi master 4. #2. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1 8 hours per day, hear, communicate, after 2 weeks, first understand S dng ngn ng mi nh mt cng c giao tip ngay t ngy u tin, hy lm th no c 8 gi mi ngy, nghe v giao tip v sau hai tun bn s c nhng s hiu bit u tin, y thc s l lm mt cuc cch mnh ngn ng 5. #3. When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language Khi bn hiu nhng thng ip u tin bn s tip nhn ngn ng mt cch v thc Comprehension input Physiological Training When you face hurts Khi bn bt u c nhng tn hiu hiu u tin bn v ang n nhn ngn ng mt cch v thc, hy tip thu nhng cuc hi thoi, gic quan vt l, luyn tp hun luyn v chp nhn i mt vi ni au v s th thch 6. #4. Psycho Physiological state Matters! Happy, relax, alpha brain wave, curious Must learn to tolerate ambiguity (chp nhn s nhp nhng ti ngha) Mi th ch n gin l chp nhn tt c nh mt l t nhin ca qu trnh, hy cc gic quan m rng, tr nn hnh phc, th lng, s dng sng no, take it easy! 7. 7 actions for rapid language acquisition 7 hnh ng thc hnh gip bn tng nhanh kh nng hc ngn ng 8. Act1. Listen a lot! Rhythms to patterns that repeat brain soaking Th nht, nghe tht nhiu, n s gip bn nm c giai iu ca ngn ng, hy no bn c m chm trong giai iu y 9. Act2. Focus on getting the meaning first (before the word) Before the word understand by body language Tp trung vo ngha trc tin ( trc c khi bit t l g). Hy tp trung vo hiu ngha, trc hiu t th hy hiu ngn ng c th. 10. Act3. Start Mixing 10 verbs, 10 nouns, 10 adj = 1000 possible pharase Creative process = Mixing just to work Me bath - now Bt u phi hp, v d, 10 ng t, 10 danh t, 10 tnh t th bn c tr chi ghp c 1000 t c kh nng c ngha, Bn ang thc hnh mt qu trnh sng to l pha ch ngn ng, hy th xem v d me bath - now 11. Act4. Focus on the core Week 1 the tool box What is this? How do you say? I dont understand. Use tool making useful to you Week2-3 pronouns, common verbs, adjectives You That Me give Hot Week4 Glue words But , and, even though Tp trung vo li hay bn cht, tun 1 l hp cng c, ci ny l g, lm th no ni, ti khng hiu, hy dng nhng cng c hu ch vi mnh. Tun hai v ba l danh t, ng t thng dng, v tnh t v d, you, that, me, hot, Tun 4 l cc t kt ni v d but, and eventhough 12. Act 5. Get a language parent Rule Works to understand what youre saying Does not correct mistakes Confirms understanding by using correct language Uses words the learner knows Lm ch ngn ng. Lut chi: lm sao hiu nhng g mnh ni. Cha cn sa li. Xc nhn hiu ln nhau bng vic s dng ng ngn ng. S dng nhng t m ngi hc bit. 13. Act6. Copy the face Sao chp c ng khun mt 14. Act 7 Direct connect to mental image Kt ni trc tip t hnh nh ti tim thc