How to make friends in person

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Studying on-campus? Looking for opportunities and places to find friends? Check out our advice on where to find your new study buddy.

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  • 2. We are not saying you are in dire needs of finding a new BFF, bestie, bromance, wingman or brother from another mother at uni, but having friends who study brings many benefits. Together, you combine your strengths and knowledge to improve your experience at USQ and to celebrate your successes along the way. So where can you findthese said friends? friend noun friend1. a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.
  • 3. Vending machines, caf lunches, free sausage sizzles. As they say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Uni students love food. Whether they raid it from their kind parents pantry or just learned how to create more than one meal out of a packet of two minute noodles, people love to share their food experiences. Food havens
  • 4. Coffee lines offer the ideal time to enjoy the sweet aroma and partake in upbeat perky conversations. Even if you have the conversation with your friendly barista, at least they learn your order and you get the first sip of caffeine that whole lot quicker, particularly a handy friendship if you are running late to a lecture. Caffeine encounters
  • 5. Whether it is while you are waiting outside a lecture theatre, waiting for an appointment, or even a friend to show up at the caf, you can spark up a conversation with the person beside you about how you are both so tried or your thoughts on the next assignment. If in doubt there is always the weather how bout the weather While you were waiting
  • 6. We all have a little hope that our great sporting talents could have lead us to the next Olympics, if only we had trained a little harder or didnt have the old tennis injury. Why not relive your dream and take part in University games, lunch time sports or even cheerlead from the sidelines. Even if you are the water boy, its good for your health and soul a double whammy. Sweat it out
  • 7. Be brave, maybe not as brave as Christopher Columbus but you could try new places. Whether it is supporting the arts students in their theatre productions, taking part in a Phoenix Central event or joining a club or society. Getting out side of your comfort zone could open a whole new world. Explore new territory
  • 8. We use the word nerd as a term of endearment and you should own it. Being a student does mean that you will have to study and become passionate about strange formulas and theories. Your friends who are not studying may not share your intense passion for cognitive theories or stress analysis, but you could find some fellow nerds in the library common areas. Study sessions always make learning something new a lot more enjoyable, especially if you bring some sugary treats. (Note we dont endorse excessive stalking through the bookcases). Nerds unite
  • 9. Share a pic of your new study buddy with us! #usq #nerdsunite #usqstudy Insert study buddy here CRICOS: QLD00244BNSW02225MTEQSA: PRV1208113.2.C08.2014