How to Use Facebook to Build Your Personal and Professional Brand

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With more than 400 million registered users, youre probably very interested in learning how to take full advantage of one of the fastest growing social media resources in the world. Facebook sees us as connected not just to other people our friends but to myriad things all over the Web. These things could be favorite bands, book authors, restaurants, or finding a law firm, Its a potentially powerful idea Facebook allows users to uncover all these interests and predilections and let us share them with our friends, find joint venture partners, and build relationships with strategic alliances and potential clients.


  • 1. How to Use Facebook to Build Your Personal and Professional Brand (Workshop II)
    Publishing YOU-niversity

2. What is Facebook
Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.
Started in 2004, 500* million active users
Average user has 130 friends
#2 Website based upon traffic
Clean, easy to use interface
3. Getting Started
Manage Your Presence
Post Appropriately
Manage what is Posted about You
Review Configuration Settings
Facebook not Always Intuitive
Facebook Page Types
Profile Page
Like Page
Group Page
4. Facebook For Your Business
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Insights for Like Pages
Use URL shorteners, like
Try to engage high quality people
Initiate conversation, become a thought leader
Post useful info and link back to your web site
5. Facebook For Your Business (cont.)
Facebook should not be your primary internet platform
Facebook is a complement to, not a substitute for, the real world in promoting your business
Beware of scams
Be personable, nice