Hybrid Learning Environments

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Presentation made at the conference of Serous Games, Tallinn, Estonia, July 2013

Text of Hybrid Learning Environments

Hybrid Learning Environments Taking Game-Based Learning Outdoors

Hybrid Learning Environments Taking Game-Based Learning OutdoorsMart LaanpereTallinn UniversityLearning environmentA tricky concept everyone uses it, a few try to make sense of it or change itNarrow and broad definition: from the physical setting for learning to everything that surrounds and affects the learnersTaken for granted, changing slowlyOften the first target to be radically changed by innovators (schools without walls) Digital world is seeking its place in learning environmentOutdoor learningExperiential learning in authentic, natural environment, using all senses, doing/acting, passing forward what you have learnedOpposing traditional classroom learning environment, taking learning outside of the school buildingHeavily game-based since beginningDifferent traditions: scouts, school yards, educational trails, medical perspective, adventure learning, camp schoolsOutdoor learning in Estonia: Scandinavian influence, adding cultural heritage (music, ancient games, handicraft, stories) and esoteric aspectsOutdoor classrooms

Outdoor learning and games

Charta for Outdoor LearningFive cornerstones: SENSE: use all senses for learningLANGUAGE: be able to name it, express itACT: learning by doingSTORY: compose your personal storyPOINT: analyze your experienceOutdoor learning is recommended in the new national curriculumExperiential learning (Kolb)

Challenge: Digital vs NatureDigital world is not yet integral part of learning environment, more so in outdoor learning contextOutdoor learning community of practice often defines their identity through opposition to everything technologicalYet, without technology it is difficult to support steps 2 and 3 in Kolbs experiential learning cycleDigital + nature in teacher trainingAnnual summer schools for Estonian teachers 2005 2013, digital workshops since 2006Game-based learning in hybrid (digital+natural) learning environment:Geocaching, shutter spotTallest treeVideo reports on inquiry projectsQuiz trail with QR-codesTagging game

Ajapaik.ee: pedagogic scenariosAjapaik.ee: Estonian re-photography portalDesign-based research, involving teachers in creating GBL scenarios that make use of Ajapaik.ee: ReSpot: an individual game, aiming at finding the closest spot to original location of taking the first photo;TeamHunt: a team game, where teams of 2-3 students compete with each other to reach as many the spot of untagged photo;QuizTrack: a game that can be played both by groups and single players, involving quizzes that are unlocked after submitting correct re-photo.Technology & InnovationCross-curricular theme Technology & Innovation in the new national curriculum for Estonian secondary schoolsProject-based learning, serving the needs of a client (a local company, school, municipality)Five example scenarios, one of them is creating a geocaching game for local B&BStudents learn more from creating the games for learning than from playing oneTowards hybrid learning environmentEstonian national strategy for lifelong learning: by 2020, the digital culture should have become a natural and integral part of learning environment in all levels of educational system (1:1 computing)Game-based learning has an important role in it, if used in a smart wayOutdoor learning community has adopted game-based learning, but it is a challenge to introduce digital components in their pedagogical scenarios