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Text of Hygiene

  • 1. Hygiene

2. Hygiene:
A condition promoting sanitary practices
3. How To Clean Your Hands
4. Step 1:Get Hands Wet
5. Step 2:Wash With Soap For 20 Seconds
6. Step 3:Scrub backs of hands, wrists, between fingers, and under fingernails.
7. Step 4:Rinse
8. Step 5: Towel Dry
9. Step 6:Turn off Tap with Paper Towel
10. How to BrushYour Teeth
11. Step 1: Do not share your toothbrush
12. Step 2:Put tooth paste on your toothbrush
13. Step 3:Wet your toothbrush
14. Step 4:Brush Teeth (Make circular motion on the surface of teeth)
15. Step 5:Take a mouth full of water, swish and spit back in to plastic cup.
16. Step 6: Throw cup away