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i2i Hard Truths

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  • 1. i2i Hard Truths
    Weve Already Hit The Iceberg. Were in crisis while we continue to fight over irrelevant issues that are not related to our survival, renewal or prosperity. As we do the ship of state continues to slowly sink.

2. i2i Hard Truths
Theres No More Can to Kick. Our national long-term strategy should be called punt, pass and kick. Punt the ball to someone else. Pass off shallow slogans as long term solutions and kick the can down the road to avoid the sacrifice long-term solutions require. Weve kicked the can so long weve worn it down. Theres no more of it left to kick.
3. i2i Hard Truths
Need A Hero Look In The Mirror.There is no one person who can ride in on a horse and save the day. Too much emphasis has been placed on the hope that one powerful or charismatic leader can heroically turn the Titanic around. We have to all start bailing. (See number 1)
4. i2i Hard Truths
Without 3D You Wont See. The dimensions of interdependence, interconnectivity and integration are changing the world. We need to solve all of our problems in that context, whether they are local, organizational or national. Just because you dont see the dots doesnt mean theyre not there. Todays leaders need to connect the dots or theyll fail in the long run.
5. i2i Hard Truths
Go Deep, Go Long.Our ability to regenerate and renew requires us to dig deep to get to the root of our challenges, most of which require long-term strategies to reach consensus. Shallow sloganeering and expedient decision-making will only hasten our decline.
6. i2i Hard Truths
You Cant Go Home Again!Tomorrow belongs to those who can see the future, not to those who have a misguided notion that we can return to the past. Attempts to relive youthful memories of the way we were will ultimately fail. Besides, whose version of the past and home would we return to? Good luck figuring that one out.
7. i2i Hard Truths
Taste GreatLess Filling And Much, Much More! The days of limited and inaccurate either/or choices need to end. Today one has to think taste great and less filling and be environmentally sensitive and no worker should be exploited and be sure to value diversity and internally and externally and many other variables. Those who hold on to an either/or one-dimensional framework are out of touch and out of date. (see number 4)
8. i2i Hard Truths
Everything That Needs To Be Changed Isn't Broken.You may own a horse and buggy, an 8 track recorder and a manual type writer. You may also own a rotary phone. These things were not broken when they become obsolete. If you were a competitor during these times of transition you either grasped the fundamental nature of the change or you wasted your money trying to fix your old business to compete in the new era.

9. Some Things That Are Broken Shouldn't Be Fixed.Our basic systems and structures are terribly broken and outdated. They cannot be fixed. They must be transformed into new ways of doing things that better align with the current environment ushered in by the age of MultiDentity. Those who advocate tinkering or mild reform are out of touch. Were talking about a total systemic rebooting and transformation.
i2i Hard Truths
10. i2i Hard Truths
Today Everyone Lives In A Glass House.The Age of MultiDentity has brought with it an era of increased transparency and a decreased ability to keep information and secretes hidden and locked away at the top. The pervasiveness of social media and ever-advancing communications technology. Anyonecan publish and broadcast about your flaws, vulnerabilities and unacceptable actions to the world. Your brand, career, or assets can be damaged within hours.
11. The Game Of Blame, Shame, Defame. When we delegitimize and declare war on our fellow citizens we cause serious damage to our social fabric. Its one thing to disagree, and hold differing positions and perspectives and quite another to relate to your advisories as enemies. Wake up! Weve been manipulated by fund raisers and the status quo to remain at odds with and separated from one another because it serves the agenda of those in power. Our problems cannot be solved until we create the collaborative environment that they can be solved in.
i2i Hard Truths
12. Me, Us, Us, Them and All.Our interconnected world requires us to take care of our individual needs, belong to social and cultural groups, compete and cooperate in society and care about the condition of the planet. Each of us may have a preference for one of these actions over the others but our survival depends on everyone having some investment in all of them.

i2i Hard Truths