Identifying Quality Apps, Games and Website for Learning

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Graphite, the newest resource from Common Sense Media, helps teachers discover the best technology tools available for their classroom. At you'll find ratings and reviews, curated lists, and actual feedback by teachers, for teachers.


  • 1. 0@suethotz @graphite Finding the Good Stuff: Identifying quality games, websites, and apps for learning

2. 1 Our Mission We are dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. Our Vision We envision a world in which every kid knows how to participate safely, responsibly, and respectfully in a digital world and can harness the potential of technology for learning. Our mission Our vision 3. 2 1. Rate 1. Advocate 2. Investigate 3. Educate What We Do 4. 3 19,000 reviews across all media types Key rating elements include: o Age-appropriateness o Detailed nutritional labeling of parental pain points o Learning ratings for digital content Ratings and Reviews 5. 4 Learning Ratings for Parents 6. 5 Digital Literacy and Citizenship as a National Education Priority LEAD Commission Advocate on Kids Privacy Rights Address Major Public Health Issues Related to Media and Kids Private Entities like Common Sense Media are pursuing a sanity not censorship approach, which can serve as a model for how to use technology to empower parents without offending the First Amendment - President Barack Obama As long as Im Chairman, the FCC will be committed to working with organizations like Common Sense Media to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital age. - FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Advocate 7. 6 Provide reliable and independent data on childrens use of media Impact on physical, social, emoti onal and cognitive development Conduct 2-3 original studies per year + host thought leader events. Investigate 8. 7 K-12 Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum Curriculum Toolkits Digital Passport Professional Development Educate Families: Media, Technology , and Kids 1-to-1 Essentials Program Educate 9. 8 10. 9 Rapidly changing education ecosystem The K-12 Education Landscape is Changing Increasing adoption of devices and apps, sites and games by schools, teachers and parents New legislation driving change Unprecedented investment in education technology 11. 10 More than 125,000 education apps in marketplaces today (Source: iTunes and Google Play) Left image: Right image: How do you find the good stuff? 12. 11 Graphite SolutionIssues for Teachers No centralized marketplace where digital educational content is collected and categorized No standard ratings system for reliable comparison content Discovery of good digital learning products is time consuming for teachers No clearinghouse by teachers for teachers for authentic feedback and best practices 13. 12 Graphite helps teachers discover, learn and share the best digital learning products. The Search is Over! High-quality, unbiased ratings and reviews For teachers, by teachers Simple, easy, fast, free 14. 13 Graphite Features Rigorous: Comprehensive methodology and rubric behind Graphite rating Discoverability with powerful filtering and searching by subject, skills and grade bands Curated Lists: Top Picks Aligned to Common Core By teachers, for teachers: Teacher community shares reviews & best practices 15. 14 Engagement Is it fun, engrossing, compelling? Does it attract students? Would they use it / play again? Pedagogy Does it carry depth of content? Is learning central to the experience? Do skills transfer offline? Does it build key concepts? Support Are there app tutorials and tips? Any support for teachers? Accessible to many audiences? Ratings Methodology Rating Methodology and Rubric Key Components 16. 15 Lets visit Graphite 17. 16 Viewing a graphite listing 18. 17 Sign up for Graphite Search: Use the filter and look up some digital products for your classroom Contribute: Write a field note on a product you already use Your Turn! 19. 18 How do you see yourself using Graphite? How can Graphite play a role in your schools/institutions? What are additional features you would want (i.e. PD video)? Some Key Questions 20. 19 Interested? Sign up at 21. 20 Sue Thotz Chicago Program Manager Twitter: @CommonSenseEdu @suethotz @graphite