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spate irrigation is unique resource management system - using short term floods for irrigation, recharge and rangeland/ forestry, this presentation show the potential and link to extremer climate variability

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  • 1. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Spate irrigation Pro-poor climate change adaptation and improved food security

2. SpN and ILEIA Documentation What is spate irrigation Spate irrigation makes use of occassional floods in ephemeral rivers to irrigate farm land, rangeland and forestry, recharge groundwater, fill drinkwater reservoirs Please click picture 3. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Some basics Area known around 2,600,000 Million North Africa in decline Horn of Africa increase for crop, livestock. agroforestry Elsewhere in Africa livestock related Middle East highly productive conjunctive systems Iran and Pakistan largest area, but neglected Central Asia and Latin America the great unknown 4. SpN and ILEIA Documentation 5. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Poverty profile People directly dependent on spate irrigation systems: 9-13 Million Poverty pockets Family income USD 300- 455/year Strong fluctuation from year to year Diversification Landlessness 30% Hereditary tenancy 6. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Potential Difficult and risky but can contribute substantially to: Adaptation to climate change Local food security and Livelihood improvement 7. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Spate irrigation is the quintessiential adaptation to climate variability Important characteristics: -Managing short peaked floods -Making sure very large floods dont destroy command area -Managing sediments and sedimentation -Storing soil moisture -Elaborate social organization Please click picture: 8. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Comparing.. Perennial irrigation (dam based) Spate irrigation Secure supplies provided dam has reasonable catchment and manageable sedimentation Insecure supplies unless combined with groundwater irrigation In shallow dams high evaporative losses, in deep reservoirs not too much Water storage in soil profile/ shallow aquifer low evaporation losses Investment costs per m3 stored is high Investment cost per m3 stored is low (if there is a fresh water aquifer) Sedimentation may cause siltation (and prevents recharge) Sedimentation contributes to fertility Can store peak flows Cannot utilize all peak flows, but shallow reservoirs may be added within command area 9. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Case: Mochiwal Flow Division Darabam Zam Mochiwal Division Point North channel: -500 ha -low lying area West Canal: - 3000 ha 10. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Climate change will effect spate irrigation More frequent floods Can be positive Increased production Longer droughts Stress on population and livestock Diversified income sources Temperature rise More soil evaporation Crop changes and more soil moisture conservation Larger floods Risk to diversion and command area More use of outwash areas Earlier or later floods Different crops Adjust cropping pattern More pest outbreaks Crop damage Vigilance 11. SpN and ILEIA Documentation Some system more vulnerable Highly vulnerable Moderately vulnerable Low rainfall (