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Importing Data into HyperTeam CRM

Importing data into HyperTeam CRM

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  1. 1. Importing Data into HyperTeam CRM
  2. 2. www.sharepoint-florida.comCRM homepage Export/Import Click on the Export/Import icon to open the import function of your CRM
  3. 3. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport templates Step 1: Locate the import templates by selecting the Import Templates tab from the menu When importing data to your CRM, we strongly recommend using the import templates
  4. 4. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport templates Step 2: Select the appropriate template from the list This template will then automatically download Best Practice For your initial data upload, please begin with the Account Import Template
  5. 5. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport templates Step 3: Open the template and fill in the columns Once saved to your computer, this information can be uploaded into your CRM
  6. 6. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport from Excel Step 1: Upload information to your CRM by selecting the Import tab from the menu
  7. 7. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport from Excel Step 2: Select the file you would like to import
  8. 8. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport from Excel Step 4: Pick a category this is where your imported information will appear in the CRM
  9. 9. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport from Excel Step 5: Select an import type this is how the system will recognize your information Initial data upload Name based import Data maintenance Id based import Best Practice
  10. 10. www.sharepoint-florida.comImport from Excel Step 6: Make sure Create new accounts is checked if you want accounts to be created at the time of import
  11. 11. www.sharepoint-florida.comRecently imported Select this tab to see all of your recently imported excel files