Informal Library Youth Programs

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Jennifer Hopwood and I presented this session as part of the Global 2013 STEMx Education Virtual Conference on September 20, 2013.

Text of Informal Library Youth Programs

  • 1.Informal Library Youth Programs Global STEMx Education Conference September 20, 2013

2. Jennifer Hopwood Training Coordinator Southern Maryland Regional Library Association Amy Koester Childrens Librarian St. Charles City-County Library District Blog Manager 3. Building Community Partnerships STEM @ the Library Summer of STEM Readers Advisory Helpful Resources AGENDA 4. Change is constant even when we dont perceive it! 5. National Initiatives Partners in Education Funding Opportunities Collection Promotion Paradigm Shifting More Parent Involvement! Why STEM at the Library? 6. Schools & Libraries Together! Extended Reach Project Collaboration Shared Resources Kids Win! 7. Building Partnerships Determine Your Need Timing Give Back What You Take Evaluate 8. STEM @ the Library Informal STEM opportunities Formal programming Outreach potential 9. Informal STEM Activities Observation Stations Take-home Activities Make it, Take it Take-Home Kits & Bundles 10. STEM @ the Library: Programming with Younger Students 11. STEM @ the Library: Programming with Older Students 12. 2014: The Summer of STEM Nation-wide Summer Reading Programs Children: Fizz, Boom, Read! Teens: Spark a Reaction! 13. Collection Development: Time to Weed! Publication Date > 5 years New Discoveries Outdated Technology Condition Relevancy! 14. What a Great Pair! Pair Non-Fiction Titles with Fiction Connects to Common Core State Standards for Literacy Enforces Concepts through Real-World Understanding Connects Relevancy to Own Lives Increases Comprehension Access point for readers of both types of literature. 15. City Dog, Country Frog By Mo Willems 978-1423103004 Pre-School Grade 1 Frogs Life-Cycles Frogs By Gail Gibbons 978-0823411344 16. Water Castle By Megan Frazer Blakemore 9780802728395 Grades 4-7 Chemistry Elements 10 Inventors Who Changed the World By Clive Gifford 9780753462591 17. Readers Advisory Resource: The Nonfiction Detectives 18. Helpful Resources Blogs Education Websites Social Media LinkedIn Group STEM in Libraries 19. The Show Me Librarian 20. Little eLit 21. Twitter STEMfinity @STEMfinity Stem-Works @Stem_Works NASA Education @NASAedu SmithsonianEducation @SmithsonianEdu Abigail Harrison, Aspiring Astronaut @AstronautAbby # STEM #STEAM 22. Leland Melvin @Astro_Flow @iamwill #iamSTEAM 23. Pinterest 24. Just because its on the internet doesnt mean its true?! 25. ? Jennifer Hopwood Amy Koester Contact Us! 26. Thanks for joining us!