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INME Outdoor Activities and Camping Holidays for ChildrenInme conducts outdoor activities and camping holidays that act as learning experiences for children. These activities are designed for children in the age group of 9-18 years. The activities aid in holistic growth of children while also being fun at the same time. Children enjoy the thrill of being with nature while taking on new challenges that develop their confidence and leadership abilities. The Inme programs include various activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, river rafting, kayaking and many more. Children find the activities immensely exhilarating and usually take home a wide range of experiences that enhance their overall personality.Inme has five camps throughout India where these activities are conducted. The largest camp is located in the village of Mora, on the banks of the river Tons in Uttarakhand. There are two more camps located in Uttarakhand, one at Uroli and the other at the famous tourist spot, Rishikesh. Two camps are located in southern India at Coorg in Karnataka and Yercaud in Tamil Nadu.

CHALLENGESInme also organizes a number of special challenges across India that cover beautiful locations and include a wide range of activities.

Kedarkantha Expedition

The expedition includes trekking through fir and oak forests to the serene peak in the Himalayas. Kedarkantha is located at a height of 12,500 feet and offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding snow covered mountain peaks.

Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble, as the name suggests, includes three different activites: river rafting, kayaking and rope tackling. Accommodation is arranged at the Silver Sands beach in Rishikesh and the water activities are conducted in the Ganga and Alaknanda River.

Coorg on Wheels

The challenge involves biking 6 days through the jungles of Coorg, which has mostly dirt tracks. The adventure gives children the opportunity to take baths in natural pools and sleep under the stars.

Uroli Bike Hike

The Uroli Bike Hike takes children through the jungles of Uroli, covering 80 kms in all. Like the previous task, this one also takes 6 days and also involves visiting apple orchards, which is quite an extraordinary experience.

Coorg Hike

This involves trekking 17 kms to the highest peak of Coorg. The expedition also covers bush craft as well as navigation modules.

Deep Sea Adventure

This is a fantastic trip to the Andamans which involves scuba diving, snorkelling and sea kayaking. The trip includes a visit to the central jail, the anthropology museum and the elephant beach.

Ski is the Limit

The challenge takes children skiing on the slopes of Solang Valley near Manali. National level skiers give an introduction to skiing and oversee the entire activity.

Young Leaders Program

A different but interesting challenge is the Young Leaders Program which is aimed at developing the attitude and behaviour of children in a way that will benefit them later in life.

Great American Bicycle Ride

This is an 18 day journey through the west coast of the United States of America. The most spectacular highlight of the trip is the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Please visit our website for more details.