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Inspiration Shots and Mise-en-Scene

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Text of Inspiration Shots and Mise-en-Scene

Inspirational shots and aspects of mise-en-scene

Inspirational shots and aspects of mise-en-scene


Black and white filter makes the photo of the band seem more serious. The smart shirt and tie signify the seriousness of the bands lyrics about politics and war as well as making the band stand out more and look smarter.In the shot we cant see an obvious front man. The singer is stood slightly in front but it is not obvious. I would not have noticed if I did not know about the band. The band are in a bar\dinner and 2 of the band members also are wearing leather jackets meaning that the band are probably bikers. There are lots of lines within the image that point towards the band and the open doorway in the center of the shot. This makes the band and the open doorway stand out. The open doorway that the band are stood in make the band seem more adventurous as the open door signifies the possibility that they could go anywhere. Open door gives the band an adventurous vibe and gives sighs that they can go anywhere. The band are in the city where most people that read the magazine will be from.

Black and white represents the Darkness of the band. The whole band are wearing band t shirts of bands of other Thrash metal bands to make them seem more thrash. Guitarist are wearing sunglasses. This is to make the band appear more heavy with a bigger attitude. There is nothing in the background of the shot. Very simple backgrounds with nothing in can be effective because there is nothing else to look at. The darkness is not as dark in the middle of the shot. The light in the center of the shot makes the band stand out; having the shot in black and white also makes this effect more dramatic and also it gives an effect of surrounding darknessSerious looking emotionless face makes the band seem more serious and dark They all have matching hair, sleeveless shirts and making them look like more of a unified band

There clothes contrast with there facial expressions. They all look happy however the clothes are dominantly black and darker colors. The clothes worn makes the mise en scene seem more dark and serious looking. The pixies are an indie band but they are a grunge band. Grunge is a louder darker heavier subgenre from the indie genre. Having the bottom of your trousers rolled up makes the band seem more indie. Wolves are intelligent creatures and are also aggressive hunters. This represents the intellectuality and the loud raw aggressive sound to their music. You would not expect to see a wolf on a band magazine photo. Seeing something unexpected in a convention in indie rock magazines. The leather on the sofa matches the shoes of the band. The sofa is red. The only bright colour in the missense creating a contrast with the dark colours making the band stand our more.Camera is focused in the center of the shot which is also where the shot is brightens this makes the band stand out more.

Half closed eyes. The band were all on drugs and probably were stoned. Lots of Nirvanas' lyrics are drug influenced.Relaxed and comfortable looking clothes make the band look more relaxed and the dull looking colors make them look more like they dont care. The chain signifies the industrial loud sound to Nirvana's Music. Dave Ghroll the drummer in Nirvana is wearing a watch because he keeps time for the band as time keeping is the primary function of a drummer.Depressing/ angry music played by the band signified by a message on Kurt Kobains t-shirt.Outdoors and in nature represents Nirvanas indie free spirit Worn and weathered clothes are very typical for an Indie band to wear. Long hair was a common hair style for grunge bands to have in the 90s

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