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I used this presentation when I delivered an Introduction to Moodle educational technology professional development session.

Text of Introduction to moodle

  • 1. Introduction to Moodle
    PASD Technology Training Professional Development
    Melanie Wiscount, Instructor

2. Learning to Change Changing to Learn
Learning to Change-Changing to Learn by floyda007 @
3. Moodle is a Course Management System
A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a system designed to support teaching and learning in an educational setting
Learning management system
Online education
Learning platform
Definition at Wikipedia
4. Cool Facts about Moodle
By January 9, 2010, Moodle had a user-base of:
46,624 registered sites, with
32,464,992 users, in
3,161,291 courses, in
209 countries, and in more than
75 languages.
Its not just a fad.....
5. CMS Connect to 21st Century Learning
Enables learning in a social, immersive, and interactiveway
"Learning is breaking out of the narrow boxes that it was trapped in during the 20th century...VLEs are helping to make sure that [student] learning is not confined to a particular building, or restricted to any single location or moment.Professor Stephen Heppell
6. What Does a CMS Offer?
Uploading of content
Return of students' work
Peer assessment
Administration of
Student groups
Digital learning
Collecting and organizing student grades
Tracking tools
3D virtual learning spaces
7. How Does Moodle Connect with Best Practices in Instruction
Blended learning (school + home)
Learning is Meaningful & Authentic
8. WIN for Student
On Demand 24/7
All resources at one spot
Social & interactive
Grades plus feedback access
Personalized learning
Relearn opportunities
Perfect answer for absent students
Learning can take place anywhere
Resources in digital form
9. WIN for Teacher
Online presence for course; 24/7
All resources at one place
Handout management
Less paper
Student tracking time stamps
Parents easy access to course
An instructional design natural
10. Eye-Appealing & Navigation
How to invite the learner, orient the learner, & avoid setting up a course that is as long at the Olympics ski trails?
Get graphic.