ITEC Making Learning Meaningful for Your Millennial Students

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How to make your learning meaningful for your millennial students.


  • 1. Leigh ZeitzUniversity of Northern Iowa

2. 3. #ITEC12 4. 5. Positive and confidentCan-do 6. Structure Frequent Feedback Variety 7. AreTeam Players AppreciateDiversity 8. Learn Work 9. 10. Doing is more importantthan knowingReality is no longer realLearning more closelyresembles Nintendothan logic 11. Consumer and Creator are blurringTyping is preferredto handwriting 12. Multi-tasking is a way of 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. TV watching Politics Reading newspapers Social networking Playing video games Religion Cell phone Parents married Text messages Tattoo High-paying job Piercing Appreciating diversity 18. 19. 20. Born: 1981Stay 21. Research-Based Methods Relevance Rationale Relaxed Rapport Dr. Christy Price 22. Integrate . . .Engage . . .Create!Jacobs, Olson, & Lammers, 2012 23. U.S. Department of Ed Fed. Comm. Commission Publishing/TechnologyCorporations 24. LEAD Commission: Charting Our Transition to Interactive Digital Textbooks 25. ReadWatch Listen Do 26. Readings Watchings ListeningsDoings 27. Readings Read 28. Watchings Watch 29. ListenListenings 30. Actively engaged with content DoDoings 31. Emerging Instructional Technologies Educational Technology and Design Seminar: Writing a Graduate Paper Selection and Integration of InstructionalTechnologies 32. Blog It 33. What would be your challenges? How can you be supported? What do you hope for an outcome? Will this improve learning? ??????????? 34. We must teach our studentsfor their tomorrows, NOT our yesterdays. 35. We must teach our studentsfor their tomorrows, NOT our yesterdays.


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