Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (digipak)

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Text of Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (digipak)

DigipakWith this digipak I need it to link to the video I have already had an idea for in a previous blog post. This video was based on a singer and choreographed dancing in cut scenes. The colours of the video were bright (white, blue, etc) meaning that if I used a dark coloured digipak it would contradict an area (or two) of my campaign. On the right there are a few example of digipaks with bright colours and and singer on the front.

Digipak (2)As this idea is all about the singer and the dancers I feel as if it would be best for the digipak to be based on a synthetic idea.I believe this to be the best idea for the digipak because when looking back at the original album cover and music video it is based on a synthetic idea.Due to this, I think that it would be good to make the album cover bright and all about the singer. Along with this the background could be with the set of the music video.Images of album covers similar to my idea are to the right.