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  • 1. Why JGI The Joy Givers International (JGI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that seeks to establish after school programs at existing elementary schools in West Africa & Haiti, for under privileged children that foster social and academic development, in a caring and safe environment.

2. Serving 82 students We currently have 82 participants enrolled in our After School Program 3. Our Focus is our Participants Providing services such as: A daily snack Sharing the Gospel o Prayer o Singing Christian songs o Memorizing scriptures o Christian plays 4. As well as: Academic enrichment Educational Games Arts & Crafts Our Focus is our Participants 5. JGI Provides: A safe place for children to learn and play after school An opportunity to experience new activities, learn socially accepted behavior and grow spiritually Opportunities to develop and expose our participants hidden potential How JGI Impacts our Participant? 6. Meet Abu 7. Meet Godson 8. Meet Muhammads Children 9. Meet Rosaline 10. Mr. Stix Vincent, a regular JGI volunteer and graphic designer, doing arts and crafts with the children. Meet a JGI Volunteer 11. Ways You Can Serve PRAY God answers prayers! GIVE All donations go to Liberia for our participants! GO Partner with us and make a difference in the life of a child! 30 minutes later, Claudine Moses called and asked how she could help, then came right over! As donations piled up, I was wondering where I would get strength to pack.. 12. Contact Us U.S. Contacts Joanne Caldwell Winifred Brumskine 202-258-2500 703-798-6738 Liberia Contact Mwenda Kazadi Assistant Director Email: mwendakazadijr@gmail.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Joygiversinternational