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JKT SAP Academy - How Useful is Getting Trained in SAP?

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JKT SAP Solution Academy is the authorized SAP Education partner and a joint initiative of SAP and JKT Consulting, to strengthen the SAP Eco-system. The Academy provides SAP Training as per global standards of the SAP curriculum in two formats in a classroom environment:1. e-Learning2. Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Text of JKT SAP Academy - How Useful is Getting Trained in SAP?


2. How Useful is Getting Trained in SAP? 3. What is SAP Education?

  • SAP education is an organized set of tools and training materials which is set and defined by SAP
  • It is recognized as a very strong global and professional education
  • Trusted and authorized partners deliver this education across the world(in India companies like: JKT SAP Solutions)

4. How does an organisation benefit from SAP? 5. Speed and Implementation Cost It helps in faster and more cost effectiveinitial implementations 6. Low Support Costs It results in better acceptance among end users because it has very low support costs 7. Return on Investment Due to low costs and ensuing high productivity and competitiveness, it results in high return of investment on the software 8. Faster Adaptation to New Business Processes Training in SAP helps in better and faster adaptation to new business practices and processes 9. How does an Individual benefit from SAP? Globally recognized SAP consultant Edge over others in the industry, with practical exposure Market ready in less than 2 months Exponential Increase in salaries 10. Factors to be taken into consideration while getting trained on SAP The SAP partner should be trusted and authorized Expectations must be rightly maintained Training needs for an experienced individual will completely differ from a fresher 11. So do you land up afat pay packetimmediately after getting Trained from anAUTHORIZED SAP Academy? The answer truly is NO But thegrowthin the careerafter a couple of years isEXPONENTIAL ! 12. Keep the following points in mind Doing a certification like SAP with a strong demand in the market shows that there is a large gap to be plugged in Companies want industry ready CERTIFIED professionals But one shouldnt get certified in SAP just for landing a job rather add value to their careers with a long term vision To make the right choice, consult variousThe Global SAP experts 13. So Are You Ready to Become a Global professional? Delhi/ NCR:+91 124 4200431,124 4200432,124 4200436 Kolkata: +91 033 40646262 14. References*7gJGORc6z8V4hmeCTxZssxv5*4VI8JeLoelcDGt1KgbHdiKf79Smk3jEk2XpRYg3MNPKb8eO-ym6zPoWlq-R0PEUT44/internationalmembers.jpg 15. JKT SAP Education JKT-SAP Education Academy Training at Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR Onsite Training at client Premises CLICK FOR DETAILS CLICK FOR DETAILS

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