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A powerpoint over OKlahoma City and the various activities the city has to offer.

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  • Home TownBy: Jared Porter
  • HistoryOklahoma is known as the Sooner Land of beautiful country Home base for many military bases State Became a state in America on January 26, 1837 Up and rising economy
  • Ford Center
  • Things to do in OKC Shopping Walk and Biggest Fresh AirBricktown Harkins Movie Theater Malls workout Movie Dining on the trail Theater in Places that goes Nation Thunder around Many Basketball the entire Feature town. films
  • Harkins Theater
  • The best thing about OKC The best thing about OKC is its community. Everyone knows everyone and gets along. There are always activities to do that everyone enjoys. Close Community with many of the same values Thunder Motto Rise Together
  • Rock Climbing OKC has the biggest indoor rock climbing arena in the nation People from all around come to either train or just have a good time.
  • Bricktown Canal OKC just recently added a canal that winds throughout Bricktown Very beautiful and scenic when walking through OKC Ferries give tours throughout the day on the Bricktown Canal
  • Bricktown Canal
  • Oklahoma City Redhawks Triple-A team in OKC Great way to spend a Friday night Great fanbase with wide support Successful Seasons in the past 5 years
  • Economy Oklahoma is known as a great place to live mosly because of economy Price of living is cheap Employment Rate is above national average Bricktown is an up and rising town With addition of the OKC Thunder NBA team, economy is growing at even quicker rate.
  • Personal View I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life Great place to grow up Never run out of things to do People are very friendly Great schools and athletics Oklahoma summers are full of lake-time and fun
  • Great Place to Live Whenever Im older, Im planning on moving back to Oklahoma Ive visited and lived in different states Oklahoma is my true home Nothing can replace the friends and family I have back home
  • Sources All images were retrieved via Google Images Information was developed from
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