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  • 1. Justin Timberlake the 20/20 experience part 2 of 2: Digi pack analysisThe cover image used on Justin Timberlakes the20/20 experience part 2 of 2 shows a black andwhite image of Justin with a gold phoropter overhis eyes. This may suggest that he has a clearvision of what type of artist he is now after somany style changes. Black, white and gold are allcolours that suggest wealth and class. This is alsoclear as he is seen wearing a suit and bow tie.Overlaying this is the name of the album writtenin a bold gold font with wide spacing making it fillthe space and look formal to a degree. The backcover is a black background with the same goldphoropter in the same position but suggestingthat now the owner can see and hear the musicthat he is seeing with the track list typed below inbold white Sans Serif font.The only character featured on in the 20/20experience Digi pack is Justin Timberlakehowever; his full face is not seen as his eyes arehidden by the phoropter. He is represented as agentleman by wearing a suit and bow tie and isperceived as formal. He appears clean shavenonce again suggesting class. On the cover heshows no emotion with his lips firmly shut and ina straight line suggesting he want to be seen as aserious artist and is moving on from his poproots. He is shown as stylistically professional andfashionable in a way that suits his new genre. Hisoverall style is presenting connotations of the1940s/50s and the associated gentlemenqualities. This is also clear as the image is blackand white.In terms of iconography Justin is seen wearing a suit and tie (or Tuxedo). This is a common stereotype surrounding thetraditional English gentlemen (despite Justin bring American) as well as connotations of wealth and class as they aremade to be worn at formal events; e.g. weddings and black tie events. This contrasts with the Phoropter as they areused for eye exams. This also acts as a reference to the hit song suit and tie which was the first song that was releasedduring his comeback to the music industry. The colour gold is also frequently used to add to the connotations of wealth.The image used on the cover is a close upshot of Justins face his face is in black andwhite adding to the connotations of oldschool glamour that are presentedthroughout. In terms of setting he has beenplaced in front of a black background thisadds to the formality and exaggerates theuse of gold and the bow tie against thewhite. The lighting also appears to be quitehigh key against Justins face and body as hisface and suit look illuminated white and thematerial of the blazer is visible despite theblack background.The CD covers and disk both use Laceys repertoire of elements toconvey the style and sound of the artist; being Justin Timberlake. Bybreaking the conventions of his old music style and what is expectedof him as an artist he has created a whole new persona and thechange in his music style is evident in the presentation of the CD Digipack.The disk is styled like a traditional vinylrecord. This gives connotations of class andstyle as well as the 1940s and 50s era. Italso goes along with the overall theme andgenre of music.The main font that has been used in this Digipack is a bold white sans serif font. This isused to add to the formality of the CD andcontinues the flowing representation of classand elegance. The use of this font also makesit easier to read. The Colour white alsostands out from the gold and black.

2. The overall look of the CD Digi pack presents a formal style by showing Justin wearing a suit in every picture. Its edited in black andwhite to give a more formal and more serious feel compared to his other music. It also gives connotations of luxury with the use ofgold. On a whole it is well presented and universally identifiable with the use of a signature image and despite not seeing all ofJustins face on the cover and only a sticker on the front stating his name (in turn breaking the convention) the audience still know itshim.The Digi pack sticks to Laceys Repertoire of elements well as it has a clear Character and strong use of camera angles and editing (i.e.Lighting and use of black and white. The setting is also effective as it presents a music studio emphasising his passion for music.Continuing from the outercover the images shown onthe booklet from inside theDigi pack are also presented inblack and white. In all of theimages Justin is wearingeither a suit or a shirt also likeon the cover. Three of theimages show Justin makingmusic, once again showing hispassion. The bottom twoshow a more traditional wayas one has a live band behindhim and the other he is usinga 1950s style microphone;reverting back to the idea ofclass. The final image showsJustin exhaling smoke in aclose up profile shot. Thisbreaks the convention of thegenre and style, however,taking into account thedecade that its set, during thistime smoking was consideredclassy.A selection of the inside pagesByGeorgiaMcLaughlin