Language learning with apps and online resources

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  1. 1. Jens Wilke A brief look at the language learning services and apps Linguacamp Berlin 2015 - workshop day 1 3 Oct 2015
  2. 2. Jens Wilke 1. Category: Simple services and apps. Some of the more prominent ones DuoLingo Simple and attractive. Free. Memrise Learn anything. Flashcard like approach. Babbel Paid. Berlin based. Talkmate Emphasis on pronunciation. Chinese driven. Livemocha Emphasis on interaction More Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, Busuu, (video driven), Yabla, Worddive there are practically hundreds if not thousands This is the segment where is going first. Differentiates by not being English centric (for example, going to support learning German in Chinese etc.), clear user accessible metrics that help concentrating on the stuff that needs your attention (borrowing from the more advanced Anki)
  3. 3. Jens Wilke 2. Category More advanced solutions Some of the more prominent ones YouTube with subtitles Very common solution for getting used to hearing and understanding. Anki Great flash card solution, but requires some effort to get going Google Translate Easy to use translator. Translations are not reliable, but rather a starting point. Various dictionaries like merriam-webster, Beolingus,, Leo, etc. Many have some learning functions, but often seem more like an after thought Linguee Translation aid providing large amount of translated sentences harvested from WWW (quality varies) Panos project also harvests content from WWW and refines it frequency based language usage referenced
  4. 4. Jens Wilke 3. Category Advanced Some of the more prominent ones Wiktionary High quality multilingual dictionary Local wiktionaries like,, have even more details British National Corpus High quality corpus. Many countries have high quality corpora, e.g. DeReKo, DeReWo etc. For practical language learning a film subtitle based corpus could be more useful, e.g. Google Search Compare things like usage frequency and so
  5. 5. Jens Wilke 4. Category Teaching Some of the more prominent ones Quizlet Flash cards. At best for teachers sharing flash share materials with students More