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Latest FREE AndroidKids GameGame Designed & DevelopedBy: Arth I-Soft

Kids fun rescue - kids game is developed with great graphics, sound, animation, expression and user friendly app, it lets you play with four fun character of backbiter.As game starts, tap the start button to play game.Begin the game by finding backbiter using search maps, as you find them they are been trapped in wooden box.Breaks the wooden box using hammer, next apply medical treatment to heal their injury such as thermometer to check body temperature, syringe to get relief from pain and other medicines.

Kids Fun Rescue

FeaturesThermometer Syrup Injection Spray Bandaids X- Ray Tissue Shower Plaster


In dirty kids, kids were playing in playground and got injured while playing and they yelling in pain.So help them to get rid of their pain and get them well dressed up. As game starts choose from 3 fun characters, they are got stuck in ice box break that ice box with help of hammer and they full of mud so first give them bath, and then remove all germs leaves and dirt from their body.Then brush their teeth with tooth brush to perfect shine.Then perfume for pleasant smell, next cut their nail using nail cutter and clean ear using ear bud.

FeaturesSelect from any 3 fun charactersTake off all clothes to wash them Use brush and to make teeth shine Use shampoo to clean hair and remove dirt Apply soap on body to clean and remove all dirt particles, germsSelect your favorite perfume from given optionsDress up: select cloths, goggles, accessories, shoes, capMakeover: to choose suitable hair style


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