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Lesson #4 high school perception

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Mindful ReviewMindfulness is being in the present moment

in a way that is self-aware, compassionate and present with ourselves and others.

Mindfulness is a practice

Is can be a seated meditation practice

A movement or yoga practice

We can treat others and ourselves mindfully.

We can interact with the world mindfully

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Review of Lesson #1-3In Lesson #1 We defined what

mindfulness is.

In Lesson #2 We discussed about how be behave mindfully or unmindfully.

In Lesson #3 We learned about how to be present and mindful in a digital world.

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Mindfulness Lesson #4

Mindful Seeing: Perception

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Lesson #4 Mindful Perception

We are going to learn:

How our negative thoughts and negative perceptions impact the way we feel.

How positive thoughts and perceptions can improve the way we feel.

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How many thoughts do you have a day?

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How many thoughts are the same as yesterday?

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Thoughts of self-perception

Many of our negative thoughts are about ourselves.

We may judge how we look.

We may judge ourselves harshly.

We may be over concerned with what others think of us or how other’s see us.

It is important to take an “Inventory” of these perceptions.

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How do I see myself?Reflection on how you see yourself. Write these questions down below and then close your ideas and mediate on these three questions:

•How do I see myself? +\-

•How do others see me? +\-

•How do I want to be seen? (Positive)

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How to Turn Negative Perceptioninto Positive Affirmations

With affirmations we can turn a negative thoughts into a positive thought

With Affirmations we learn to love and accept ourselves with the power of positive thinking.

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Examples of Positive Affirmations

1. I am calm and relaxed.2. I am in the present moment3.I love and accept myself, just as I am.4.I cultivate forgiveness. 5.I am grateful for my life.6. .Everything will be OK no matter what.7. I am perfect just the way I am.8. I am confident.9. I can accomplish anything I want.10. I accept my strengths and weaknesses.

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Sharing Negative Thoughts and Cultivating Empathy.

Close your eyes and think of one negative thoughts or perceptions of yourself, that you are comfortable sharing.

Exchange your negative thought with your partner.

When you both receive the negative thought, stay silent, close your eyes and imagine yourself in this other person’s shoes.

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Share a Positive Affirmation with Each Other

With your eyes closed, think of a nice affirmation or something you could say to affirm the opposite for your partner.

Open your eyes and share/write down a positive affirmation for them and read it out loud to them and then have them say it with you.

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Group Shares of Affirmations

Create a more simple, one line affirmation for your partner.

Ask your partner if it is OK to share the affirmation with the group

Two- Three Volunteers will share their partner’s affirmation. (including group leader)

Group members repeat the affirmation

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“I See You.”Person #1: “I am here to be seen”

Person #2 “And, I see you.”

Person #2 “I am here to be seen”

Person #1 “And, I see you.”

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Close your eyes Think of how we all have negative


Think of how we all judge ourselves harshly.

Think about how you can be more loving to yourself

Think about how you can be more compassionate and empathetic to others.

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Go out into the worldPractice Compassion towards yourself.

Practice kindness and non-judgment towards others.

Remember human beings are 99.9% the same.

Practice and use positive affirmations to overcome negative self-defeating beliefs.

Think positive, act with kindness.

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Cultivate a Perception of Kindness