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Level up with Loti

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An overview of the Loti scale

Text of Level up with Loti

  • 1. Level Up
    Usingthe Loti scaffold to improve your level of technology integration
  • 2. What is Loti?
  • 3. Level 0: Non Use
    Lack of technology access
    Competing institutional interests
  • 4. Level 1: Awareness
    Teachers beginning to use technology for themselves
    Teacher centered instruction
    Using technology for lower level Blooms
    Internet research
  • 5. Level 2: Exploration
    Teacher centered instruction with technology enrichment activities
    Teacher starting to explore technology use with students
    Multi media presentations
    Note taking
  • 6. Level 3: Infusion
    Moving to focus on higher order Blooms
    Tasks may involve student choice
    Evaluation of information
    Starting use technology to look beyond the classroom
    Online collaboration
  • 7. Level 4: Integration
    Student enquiry
    Problem/Project Based Learning
    Using technology for authentic tasks
    Online student reflection and collaboration
  • 8. Level 5: Expansion
    Using technology to collaborate beyond the classroom
    Student created links to experts
    Cross curricular projects
    Student created personal learning environments
  • 9. Level 6: Refinement
    Student choice of curriculum aligned to personal goals
    Seamless access to advanced digital tools
    24/7 learning
    Full student autonomy
  • 10. Where do you sit on Loti?
    Use the Loti scale to determine where you sit?
    What do you need to reach the next the level?

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