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Powerpoint Novalyn Montiano Jenibie Manalo Michael Jerome Alcalde

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  • 1. School Library system

2. DESIGNATION Mr. Alcalde, Michael Mr. Tejada, Gennis Ms. Montiano, Novalyn Ms. Manalo, Jenevie 3. INTRODUCTION Computers are everywhere 4. Current State of Technology Manual is tedious and inaccurate. Computerized is more efficient and friendly to user. 5. OBJECTIVES GENERAL PROBLEM How to create and develop computerized library system. GENERAL OBJECTIVES To create and develop and implement a computerized library system 6. OBJECTIVES SPECIFIC PROBLEM How to provide the student and faculty a better service at library transaction. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES to provide the students and faculty a better service at the library in processing each transaction. 7. SCOPE AND LIMITATION SCOPE: The system can generate student registration and book registration Can Update, ADD 8. SCOPE AND LIMITATION Limitation: System is not for Online The system do not produce library card Cannot delete 9. Methodology The system is combination of Transaction Processing Management (TPM) and information System (IS) and we use Iteration method. This method is applicable in business and transaction. 10. THE END THANK YOU!