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LinkedIn for College Grads

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Short presentation about how grads to be can leverage LinedIn to improve their career prospects.

Text of LinkedIn for College Grads

  • 1. For College GradsChris Burdge bWEST InteractiveChris Burdge 250.508.7761

2. Credentials Online marketing since 1994 Using LinkedIn since March 23, 2005 McCann Erikson, Publicis, Cove-Ito (Japan) Founded bWEST July 2009 Co-founded Social Media Camp 2010 3. Top 4 reasons to use Linkedin1. Manage your professional identity2. Demonstrate expertise3. Networking / Connections4. Look for opportunities 4. Ways to use LinkedInChris Burdge 250.508.7761 5. What can you do1.Create a professional Profile2.Add Connections3.Get / Give Recommendations4.Groups connect & engage 6. What can you do5. Increase your visibility6. Scope out the competition7. Apps: blog, slideshare8. Research prospective employers 7. Top 5 mistakes1.Not displaying a photo2.Profile not completed3.Not listing websites4.Not claiming personal URL5.Inappropriate connections 8. When connecting 9. Questions ? Chris Burdge 250.508.7761

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