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  • 1. Old school networking
    A new twist on
  • 2. Basic Linked In Facts
    Considered the Premier social networking site for professionals
    55 million users in 200 countries
    Based on the principle that every person is connected to one another by no more than six degrees of separation.
    Powerful part of your online resume
  • 3. Benefits for CRMs
    Keep up with clients in a new way
    Meet new clients
    Look through your clients rolodex for potential warm referrals
    No cost except your time
    No windshield time required
  • 4. Best Reason to Care?
  • 5. General Rules to Follow
    Dont do anything you wouldnt want your mother to know about.
    Watch, follow, listen and learn
    Give before you ask
    Share dont sell
  • 6. Completing Your Profile
    Use first person (I / We / Us)
    Get a professional photo
    Customize your URL
    Follow other suggestions from LinkedIn
    Goal: 100% completeness
  • 7. Start with Your Profile
  • 8. Finding & Connecting
    Upload your web contacts
    Search by job / employer / school / etc
    Google or Linked In search for people you want to meet
    Promote with your email signature, business cards, flyers, etc.
    Cross promotion on sites like Facebook
    Goal: 200 connections
  • 9. Finding Contacts
  • 10. Interacting on Linked In
    Status Updates
    Recommend others
    Ask for recommendations
    Questions & Answers
    Use time saving tools like
    Goal: Weekly interaction
  • 11. Status Updates
  • 12. Recommendations
  • 13. Questions & Answers
  • 14. Groups
  • 15.
  • 16. Post everywhere at once
  • 17. CRM Field Guide
    Fix Your Profile First
    Decide how you want to promote it
    Commit to making regular interaction
    Ask ALL of your contacts to connect
    Look for groups of interest or start one and invite brokers
  • 18. Advanced Training Guide
    Download Our Advanced Training Guide
    Call - 310-909-8835