Literacy, literacies and technology

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Literacy, Literacies and Technology

Literacy, Literacies and TechnologyCHRISTOPHER ARNOLD & Justin henryWhat is literacy?Literacyrefers to the ability toreadfor knowledge, writecoherently, andthinkcritically about the written word.The ability to read and writeExamples: NewspapersBooksLetters =sJ9pjyBrCS0 (6 minutes, but you can watch it in your own time)What are digital literacies?digital literacy = digital tool knowledge + critical thinking + social engagement. Digital literacyis the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies.Digital literacy helps people communicate and keep up with societal trends. Literacy insocial network servicesandWeb 2.0 sites helps people stay in contact with others, pass timely information and even sellgoods and services. This is mostly popular among younger generations, though sites likeLinkedInhave made it valuable to older professionals.

How is literacy linked to technology?Technology is such an everyday part of our lives that it is very hard to ignore it.Examples; FacebookTumblrTwitterBloggerWordpress

What do we need to know to be able to thrive online?Find information Avoid distractions Analyse information found Be able to keep up with the every changing technologies Web 2.0Html 5

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