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Slides from October 10, 2012 session for Nonprofit Day 2012, Erie. PA. This is a highly interactive session and slide content is mainly for in-person participation.


  • 1. Clear, Bold Communication For Nonprofit Leaders
  • 2. Who is here?
  • 3. Lori L. Jacobwith 25+ years as a communication strategist & fundraising coach Measurable: Since 2001 Ive helped organizations raise nearly $200 million from individual LJacobwith donors. And counting. LJacobwith Founder of the Ignited Online Fundraising Community - 2009
  • 4. What does Lori do? Speaking, Training, Webinars Being a part of this community reminds me to put into action all the things Ive learned & dont always use. Its an incredible LJacobwith resource! ~ Debbie LJacobwith Coaching for fundraising professionals
  • 5. What we will cover today
  • 6. Biggest Communication Challenges?
  • 7. Thousands of messages barrageus every single day. 7
  • 8. How can you stand out? 8
  • 9. What do you want supporters to do?
  • 10. Great Gaping DisconnectWhat people want when theysupport a cause:To make a differenceTo feel personally connected tosomething greater than themselvesTo feel usefulTo get the warm glow of giving ~ Katya Andresen, Network for Good
  • 11. Great Gaping DisconnectWhat people get when theysupport a cause:A tax receiptStatistics, facts & figuresA newslettersometimesAn appeal to give (more) moneyThere needs to be more of what people want intheir experience with us.
  • 12. The Secret to Fundraising: Clear, Bold Communication
  • 13. Support moves toward boldness andclarity of communication 13
  • 14. The Secret to Fundraising: Clear, Bold Communication Telling Your Story - Intro Asking Take Action Maximize Relationships Stay Relevant Managing Data
  • 15. Clear, Bold Communication 46% of supporters stop giving for reasons connected to a failure to communicate. ~ Penelope Burk & Cygnus Applied Research
  • 16. Communication Tool #1 16
  • 17. Clear, Bold CommunicationDo this in pairs: Introduce yourself & the work of your organization. You may use up to 3 sentences.
  • 18. Words Create Experiences
  • 19. 2 x 4 Rule
  • 20. Clear, Bold Communication 20
  • 21. Clear, Bold CommunicationClear Adjective1. free from doubt or confusion2. certain in the mind; sure3. easy to see or hear; distinct4. evident or obviousCollins Essential English Dictionary2nd Edition 2006 HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006
  • 22. Clear, Bold Communication Bold Adjective 1. courageous, confident, and fearless 2. immodest 3. standing out distinctly; conspicuous Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006
  • 23. Communication Utilitarian
  • 24. Communication or inspiring?
  • 25. Clear, Bold Communication Use this clear value statement & introduce again: [different partner] We are (who?). We specialize in working with (whom?) We help them (to do what?)."
  • 26. Communication Tool #2 26
  • 27. Storytelling: Primary way of learning 27
  • 28. Mission Moments http://bit.ly/RTwVVE
  • 29. Storytelling Andy Goodman Andy is best known for his speeches and workshops on storytelling, presenting, design and strategic communications. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-289257716014946841#
  • 30. Loris Storytelling Criteria Tell a story about an actual person using name/age/descriptors so your listener can visualize. Use words that emotionally connect the listener to your work and the person youre speaking Boring2Brilliant.com about. No jargon. Shares specific examples of YOUR work and how it makes a difference in the life of a real person. The story must be short 2 minutes or less.
  • 31. StorytellingKnowledge alone does not cause people to take action.
  • 32. Four parts of a great story A relatable protagonist Lots of conflict A loathsome villain Mark Rovner, Founder & CEO Telling details Sea Change Strategieshttp://www.nonprofitmarketingblog.com/comments/the_4_parts_of_a_great_story/
  • 33. Storytelling In teams of two: Tell your story. Receive coaching & feedback. Switch and 2nd person tell story.
  • 34. Communication Tool #3 34
  • 35. Six Word Stories
  • 36. Storytelling: Less is More Loris: Tells powerful stories to raise millions. Worry is not a fundraising strategy. Community service org helping vets: War damaged Jim. We restored him. Inspired by Hemmingway: Baby shoes. Never worn. For sale. Yours?
  • 37. Clear, Bold CommunicationA story is a way tosay something thatcant be said anyother way. ~ Flannery OConnor
  • 38. Fundraising is deep, profound, relatedness. ~ Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money
  • 39. ResourcesHow to Create Fresh Stories for your Nonprofithttp://bit.ly/Nw0ET0Why Storytelling is Essential for Business Leadershttp://bit.ly/QKp7ylThe Rise of the Corporate Transmedia Storytellerhttp://onforb.es/OmNhiL3 Lessons in storytelling from Ken Burnshttp://bit.ly/QnwYHuTransitioning from the Written to the Spoken Storyhttp://bit.ly/Qv9QqSDigital Storytelling From Soup to Nutshttp://bit.ly/Opp8M0
  • 40. Resources Purchase today: $7.99 OR Available at: Amazonwww.LoriJacobwith.com Purchase today: $5 OR Download on LJacobwith Free Resources page: LoriJacobwith.com LJacobwith
  • 41. Coaching from Lori Even with 30 years of experience I always learn something new. Loris energy is contagious! I SEE whats possible!
  • 42. Clear, Bold Communication For Nonprofit Leaders LJacobwith LJacobwith Thank you!