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Aga Palalas talks about the benefits of incorporating social networking tools into mobile learning. In the first part of this video Aga shares some recent stats indicating the growing popularity and access to the social networking tools. Subsequently, Aga discusses the pedagogical aspects of the use of social networking tools and how to harness these new participatory forms to support mobile learning. Watch this webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Mqra-URKI&feature=player_detailpage


  • 1.Social Networking and Mobile LearningDr. Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas Prepared for M4D MOOC October 2013 https://www.m4d-mooc.org/portal 1

2. Social Networking and Mobile Learning Outcome: To identify the benefits of incorporating social networking tools in mobile learning.2 3. Social Media Penetration Feb 2013Source: wearesocial.sg; Social, digital, and mobile worldwide. February 2013. p. 93 4. Number of Social Network Users in India 2011-2017 Number of users in millions300.00282.90 246.70250.00 209.10 200.00168.70150.00127.50 87.30100.00 54.80 50.00 0.0020112012Source: eMarketer, emarketer.com2013*2014*2015*2016*2017*http://www.statista.com/statistics/219896/numb er-of-social-network-users-in-india/ 4 5. Number of Social Network Users in Canada 2011-2017 Number of users in millions25.0016.1016.9017.7018.50201120122013*2014*20.0018.9019.4019.902015*2016*2017*15.00 10.00 5.00 0.00Source: eMarketer, emarketer.comhttp://www.statista.com/statistics/260710/nu mber-of-social-network-users-in-canada/5 6. Number of Social Network Users Feb 2013Source: wearesocial.sg; Social, digital, and mobile worldwide. February 2013. p. 3 6 7. Global Social Networks Leading social networks worldwide as of July 2013, ranked by number of registered users (in millions)Number of registered users (in millions) Facebook* Qzone 611.00 Twitter 500.00 GooglePlus** 500.00 Tagged 330.00 LinkedIn 225.00 VKontakte 219.00 Tumblr 216.00 Renren* 178.00 Instagram* 130.00 0.00Source:200.00400.00600.001,155.00800.00 1,000.00 1,200.00 1,400.00DMR; Facebook; Google; Renren; VK, expandedramblings.com 7 http://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-registered-users/ 8. Participatory Learning Enhanced access to other people distributing information sharing meaning and experiences instantaneous interaction and exchange of feedback ad-hoc, on-demand or structured/planned>> Participatory and collaborative learning >> Co-creation of knowledge 8 9. Community Learning community or community of practice At a distance (micro-communicating, microblogging) Face-to-face (backchanneling) Give voice and empower Stronger sense of belonging9 10. Peer and Expert Interaction Communication and mediation more frequent engaging fragmented, chaotic, and unpredictable dynamic rich (multimedia artifacts) across time and locations synchronous and asynchronous 10 11. Feedback Exchange Continuous and rapid cycles brainstorming expression reflection rehearsal meaning negotiation engagement11 12. Self and Community Reflection on self in community motivating encouraging prep for real-life demands (communication skills, teamwork)12 13. Enhanced Learning Contextual learning context-embedded time-sensitive Scaffolds and supports Spaced learning Meaning making Evaluation Co-creation 13 14. Other Benefits Encouraged creativity and expression Enhanced engagement and motivation Currency, richness and diversity of information Individual and group ownershipHarness the power of social media to support participatory mobile learning 14 15. Thank you! Dr. Agnieszka Palalas aga@epluslearning.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/apalalas Presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/agaiza Publications: http://athabascau.academia.edu/apalalas 15