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Magazine analysis

Magazine analysisBy Kerry-Ann Lewis-Dunmoodie

The masthead is big and bold in white to stand out against the black background that it has. As well to make sure that the name stands out and catches the attention of the audience. Including a variety of articles which may be intriguing to the audience and include information about different styles of music as well as the main artist that they are talking about. Janets name being in bold captures the attention of the audience and they want to know what the Janet is talking about and her song that she is promoting . The big image of Janet Jackson shows that she is the main focus of the magazine and that she is the one who is solely being promoted as well as her music. The colours in the background being bright as well as dark shows a movement in her music as it could potentially know have a deeper and darker meaning. However illuminating the scene with a bright light shows importance and the power that comes with it .

The masthead is bright pink which make it stand out against the dark scene, as it wants to be recognised and get the audiences attention. The image of Alessia Cara being wrapped up in the curtain, shows the audience that she has a fun side and that her music is quite fun and lively. It also shows that her music also demonstrates who she as a person. The writing correlates to other artists which they have in their magazine, but their main article is based on Alessia Cara as they put her name and article in bold writing to make it stand out. However it being bright yellow makes it stand out and attracts the audience attention.The colours are normal due to there being minimal lighting apart from on her face, it contrasts to the dark background of what appears to be a house, as having a dark background and highlighting the artist shows how important the artist is.