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Headline: Perks Preshow PrateInterview Its been a year since The Perks have been to the UK. They left us after a killer headliner filled with fireworks, confetti and an awesome live show. Now theyre back and bigger than ever. So we asked them about their future plans. Were doing a lot this year both in the UK and around the world. Were even going to Japan for the first time after the UK leg of the tour. Can you tell us about the tour? Is there anything we can expect to see from your live show? Well, its a co-headliner with All Time Low. Its an arena tour so we hope to introduce some surprises to our set that we wouldnt have on other tours because the venues are smaller. Ive always wanted those giant blow up beach balls that get passed around the crowd [laughs]. Theres been some rumours about a new album being released, can you confirm this? Yeah, at the end of the year were gonna go into the studio with a producer and hopefully we can release out 3rd full length around this time next year. Do you have a producer lined up yet? Not yet, we have some ideas as to who we want but nothing is set in stone yet Whats the writing process like with your band? we usually all work together to write a song and all give our ideas into each song, but sometimes one of us will go off and write a bit of a song and well all add to it. We want a producer for this album to push us out of our comfort zone. Now weve heard about the future of your band, but what about the past? What were some of your music influences? We like all kinds of music but my main influence would have to be Blink 182. Did you always want to be in a band? yeah! Ive always enjoyed performing for people. Id always audition for musicals, I was in the school band, and Id been in about 3 awful cover bands before I joined this band [laughs] but it all worked out for the best. whats the worst gig you have ever played? I think that has to be one of out first gigs in 2009. It was so bad. We had no idea what we were doing at all. We had about 4 songs so half of the set was just cover songs. It was also in a bar and no one even liked us. And some of the amps broke about midway through the set and for some reason we carried on. [laughs] it was so bad.