Magazine listing questionnaire draft feedback

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Magazine Listing Questionnaire Draft Feedback

Magazine Listing Audience Feedback Questionnaire

1) Does the masthead pull you into reading the article? The masthead is the title - Too much pressure!

2) Is the layout of the magazine listing appealing to you?

3) How do you think the layout could be improved? Please explain why you think this.

4) Do you think the pull quotes stand out off the page? The pull quotes are the quotes in navy italics on the spread, eg. theres a lot of comparing going on

5) Do the images capture your attention when you look at the spread? Are they good images taken from the documentary?

6) Does the colour scheme of mainly white stand out to you when you look at the magazine listing? If not, how could we include more white?

7) Which is your favourite part of the whole double page, and why?

8) Is there anything you dont like and would change about the double page, and why?

9) What magazine would you expect this to appear in? -Give a few examples:

Radio TimesTV TimesWhats on TVTotal TV Guide

10) Does this magazine listing make you want to watch the documentary?