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  • Josie Mahon

  • What is the Magna Carta?Means Great CharterIs a series of written promises between the king and his subjects Says that the King would govern England and deal with the citizens by the customs of feudal law An attempt by the Barons of England to stop their King from abusing his power

  • First issued in the year 1215 Officially signed June of 1215 by the Barons of Medieval England and by King John Signed in Runnymede near Windsor Castle

    Picture beside: King John signing the Magna Carta

  • King Johns Mistakes

    He wasnt successful in his military campaigns Constant demand for more money In 1204 he lost his land to Northern France He then introduced higher taxes with out asking the Barons That was against the Feudal law and accepted customs

  • More Mistakes King John angered the Roman the Roman Catholic Church because of his behavior the Pope banned all church services in England in 1207, which angered and upset the people moreHe later gave the Church back their privileges in 1214 Again in 1214 John trying to get back his territory in Northern France, he tried demanding more money from taxes but the Barons said noSpring of 1215 both sides finally decided to discuss matter, resulting in the Magna Carta

  • About the Magna Carta

    Divided into sections The 1st clause concern that positions the Catholic Church in EnglandThat follows states that John will be less harsh on the baronsMany clauses concern Englands legal system

  • More about the Magna Carta It promised that laws would be good and fair Everyone shall have access to courts, that cost and money should not be a problem if any person wants to take their problem to the courts States that no freeman will be imprisoned or punished without going through the proper legal system

  • The Barons Twenty five barons were given the responsibility of making sure the King carried out what was stated in the Magna Carta If the King did not the Barons could use force if needed

  • Seal of Approval The royal seal of King John was stamped on the Magna Carta It was to show the people that the Magna Carta had his royal supportThe red seal (beside)

  • Important Pictures

    Buttom left, Cathloic Church

    Top left, Runnymede

    Buttom right, King Johns Castle