Make Friends, Not Just Followers

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Make Friends,Not Just FollowersTips for developing lasting relationships on social media


Leading Brands on Social Media

Constant interaction with customers notice 2

TIP #1People engage with content that they find relevant and interesting Its not just about pushing your own agenda When you need to post, consider how you can make it relevant to your audience Investigate topics that matter to your audience

Case: GoProRegularly features customer contentReflects company culturePromotes GoPros products

TIP #2

Social media is not one-way communicationStrive to create dialogueDont just post interact!Check more than just hashtagsRespond to questions, concerns and commentsListen and Respond

Case: Zappos

Lets be in a Like-Like relationshipIncentive to connect for access to exclusive contentContent revealed on Facebook only after becoming a fan of the Zappos pageAlso do Fan of the Week posts

TIP #3Meaningful conversation is when both parties gain value from the exchangeUse polling features to learn more about audience opinionsApply findings to social media strategy and moreCultivate Feedback and Refine Your StrategySocial Media Creates Opportunities for Direct Feedback

Case: Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies use social media monitoring to discover side effects and customer feedback for various drugsConnect patients with doctors and support groups


Case: Proctor and Gamble

Utilize social media to adapt to new marketsListen and use tacticsFor example, in Saudi Arabia social media users love YoutubeP&G invested in video campaigns


Target Other UA PagesSupport colleagues by engaging with other UA pagesTry replying to comments or student posts when relevantJoin the conversation!

Sharing, Re-Posting and Re-tweetingStudent ContentCreate more personable, authentic connectionsLet students create the content for you, then show off their work! (but be sure to credit the source)

Student PanelLets Chat!

PICTURE NEEDED: Sprout Social, Followerwonk (Twitter), etc.12

Next MeetingHow to Create a Communication Plan

November 16Same time, same place