Making English Fun! Digital Activities for Young Learners

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My presentation at Virtual Round Table Web Conference 2014


  • 1. Making English Fun! Digital Resources for Young Learners By Michelle Worgan

2. Whats the difference? Your Course Book Your Digital Course Book 3. Creating your own activities Presentation of target language using Little Bird Tales Alternative tool: VoiceThread 4. Practice target language by answering personal questions using VoiceThread 5. Practice target language using Vocaroo Focus on written forms using Little Bird Tales 6. Offer a choice of practice activities: 7. Online games LearnEnglishKids by British Council 8. Nick Jr (Nickelodeon) BoomerangTV 9. Cbeebies (BBC) Disney Channel National Geographic Kids CITV PBS Kids Check for Parent/Teacher sites! 10. Songs and Videos Youtube Channels: KidsTV123 Super Simple Songs Maple Leaf Learning ELF Kids Videos ETL Learning Have Fun Teaching Busy Beavers 11. I can speak English! Interactive ebook 12. Thank you for coming! Get in touch! Email: Twitter: @michelleworgan Blog: G+: +MichelleWorgan