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<ul><li> 1. MAKING PUBLICRELATIONS FUN &amp; GAMES!skills for promoting your events and programs Fun &amp; Games @ Your Public Library March 21, 2012 Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, Communications Director</li></ul> <p> 2. AGENDA Understanding Your Community&amp; Customers Developing your MarketingMessage &amp; Budget Brainstorming Group Project =BE CREATIVE! Wrap up 3. UNDERSTANDING YOURCOMMUNITY Are there segments of thecommunity underserved? Does my community want orvalue my unique competitiveoffering? Is there too much competition inthe segment of my market to becompetitive? 4. UNDERSTAND YOURTARGET AUDIENCE What kinds of habits does my customer have? Where are they? How does my potential customer get information products and/or services (in a store, on the web)? What are my target customers primary motivations for seeking out this kind of workshop? 5. DEVELOP YOUR MESSAGE Two parts: brief tagline | marketingmessage/description Tagline short and right to the point! Marketing message/description An explanation of your target prospects problem. An explanation about why you are the onlyorganization that can solve your target audiencesproblem. An explanation of the benefits people will receivefrom attending your workshop. Examples and testimonials from customers youhave benefitted from your workshops. Your unconditional guarantee. 6. 33 PR METHODS1.Newspaper ads13. Newsletters25. Brochures2.Social Media 14. Charity events 26. Gift certificates3.Posters15. Networking 27. Word-of-mouth4.Contests 16. Billboards 28. Website5.Playing card decks 17. Magazine ads 29. Sign picketing6.Seminars 18. Special events 30. Business cards7.Television ads 19. Flyers 31. Catalogs8.Signs20. Email32. Public speaking9.Radio ads21. Postcards/Rack Cards 33. Window display10. Banners22. Doorhangers11. Articles 23. Media releases12. Classified ads 24. Fax broadcasts 7. DEVELOPING THEPR BUDGET Determine how much money isavailable, detail the financial aspects, and show how implementationof your plan will be profitable tothe library. 8. BRAINSTORMING SESSION In small groups, take ____ minutes to work through the following items (seeworksheet) to BRAINSTORM and develop the PR PLAN for a Fun &amp; Gamesworkshop for the Anytown Library. 1. What is the CREATIVELY DESCRIPTIVE title of the workshop? 2. Develop your workshop tagline and message/description but be brief and to thepoint. 3. Who is your target audience and How many people do you want to attend? 4. What specific news/media/other outlets will you alert and What materials will youuse to promote your workshop? 5. How much $$$ will you spend and on what? Each group will have time to report. 9. ADDITIONAL RESOURCESKivis Nonprofit Communications Blog News - Squared - Marketing Blog http://marketing-expert.blogspot.comVisibility @ Your Library - 10. THANK YOU!Dr. Curtis R. RogersCommunications</p>