Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & Customers

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In this presentation, we discussed various marketing strategies you can implement to attract your target audience. To view the webinar of this presentation go here:


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Start and Grow Your Own BusinessModule 4: Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & Customers

Rita J. Cartwright, FounderRJs Internet Marketing ServicesIt doesnt matter how accurately you target your customer or how perfectly you set up your site, you still have to get your offerings and/or services in front of as many of those target customers as possible.It all boils down to the marketing strategies you use; and whether or not they are the most effective choices for attracting your clients. Your best bet is to use multiple tactics that cross-link but dont just fire off every cannon you can get your hands on. Pick and choose which strategies will work best with your subscribers. Your goal is to present a consistent, lively image that mirrors what your customers or clients are looking for: You should be so in tune, they feel as if you are reading their minds and anticipating every need.1Start and Grow Your Own BusinessIn this webinar, well examine:Marketing strategies that are a must for any type of business

Marketing strategies that are particularly effective for specific business or customer types

We will look at :

Testing and TrackingInteractivityInteractivity with Website and MobileSix Effective Ways to Connect with your Market by MobileSharing ButtonsJoint Venture PartnershipsCreating Your A TeamSocial Media and Graphic SharingLinkedInYour Autoresponder Your Best Friend

2Start and Grow Your Own BusinessIn the must categorySocial networkingYouTube sharingAffiliate marketingGoogle+FacebookPinterest

Lets start with an overview of the basic strategies you should be doing . . .3Start and Grow Your Own BusinessMobile marketingQR codesPromotionsArticle MarketingLinkedInTwitterRead first:

Depending on your particular business model or customer habits


What are you trying to do with all these strategies? Not just make a sale, but build your subscriber database, so you can turn them all into loyal, repeat customers.Thats where the real money is: Selling to those who are already sold on you and your products. Youve done the groundwork and got them on your List. Now, how do you keep them interested?Remember back in Module 2, we discussed Sales Funnels at some length? Well, keeping a steady, consistent flow of offerings in your Sales Funnels and keeping those Sales Funnels all spinning in harmony with each other is crucial to making your customers and clients so happy they keep returning.If you rush them with too many offers at once (before theyve had time to digest the first ones) and not only do you risk turning them off, you risk causing bottlenecks places where they get stuck in the tunnel, not moving forward.Thats why pacing is also vitally important.You need to know your customers well enough to be able to accurately gauge the average speed its going to take them to digest or learn to use the product theyve just bought. If its software, or a physical product, you need to have an idea of exactly when theyll step beyond learning the basics and be looking for challenges or more advanced tips or additions.(Looking at it this way, its easy to see why planning not only your business, but your Sales Funnels too, is crucial to making the most of every opportunity.)Making a plan helps you avoid bottlenecks, as well large gaps during which time people forget all about you!

4Testing and Tracking

Module 4: Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & CustomersStart and Grow Your Own BusinessWhich social sources refer visitors

Which actual content drives conversions with social audiences

What your visitors are sharing (and where)

All the strategies in the world wont help if you dont track your sales and return on investment (ROI). You need to get into the habit of analyzing every result from emails, to your Facebook and YouTube marketing, to promotions (online and off), to sales pages, to organic traffic on your websites.Many of the systems youll be using have tracking capacity: Take advantage and learn how to use this. (There are usually video tutorials.)Also make sure you install Google Analytics on each site or blog. (Theres actually a Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress.)Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you learn and track:6Start and Grow Your Own BusinessThe impact of mobile use on your business

Start and Grow Your Own BusinessIt also provides:Analysis tools

Software Development Kits for iOS and Android, allowing you to measure how people use your app, if youve created one

Start and Grow Your Own BusinessReal-time reporting

Graphs and charts, to help you quickly visualize statistics

Start and Grow Your Own BusinessThe ability to customize your results, so you see only that data you need to see

Custom variables and advanced segmentation


And this is just the tip of the Analytics iceberg.10Start and Grow Your Own BusinessA/B Split Testing (Multi-variate Testing)

Google Analytics also allows you to easily set up A/B split testing.


Google Analytics also allows you to easily set up A/B split testing. This is where it allows people who click on your links to be served different elements in your ads and sales pages (such as a lily graphic for Group A but a rose graphic for Group B) so that you can analyze the results and see which one worked better or if your tweak had any appreciable impact at all.If this intimidates you, you can also do this manually, by sending email A to half your list (pointing to Landing Page A) and a different one containing a link to Landing Page B to the other half but its so much easier, once youve learned to navigate Google Analytics, to let this happen automatically!You should only make one change at a time, before testing.Its worth repeating: All your marketing strategies will be a shadow of their full potential if you dont track the results and test your campaigns out.11InteractivitYModule 4: Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & CustomersHeres another under-rated strategy, before we get to the big guns like Facebook, Mobile marketing and YouTube and it will sound ridiculously self-obvious to say it and that is actively engaging with your audience.Before you say: Well, duh, of course, thats a given, stop and think about it. How many times have you seen wonderful blog posts, interesting Facebook comments, Tweets that just beg an answer, and provocative emails ones stirred either by strong feelings on a subject or an enthusiastic feeling of warm identification with the communicator? You spend your precious time writing a well-thought-out response or sharing some personal detail you dont normally share, and the response is silence.Most of us know how social networking works: We dont exactly shrivel up and die when someone fails to respond. But heres a plain fact not many people realize 12Start and Grow Your Own BusinessNot responding especially to subscribers can actually:Make people decide to stop reading your emails (you stop being special)13Start and Grow Your Own BusinessMake them feel embarrassed (if theyve strongly identified with you or shared something highly personal as a direct response to your post)

Make them gloss over your posts and stop commenting, causing a drop in traffic and prominence14Start and Grow Your Own BusinessChange them from your biggest fan to someone whos moved on

Make sure you go out of your way to respond to fans, followers and subscribers. Make the effort, no matter how busy you feel. People visit social networks to feel connected so connect!

Even just pressing the Like button makes them feel you noticed them for a second or two, enough to appreciate your notice. They get a warm little rush of pleasure no matter how tiny or subliminal. But its usually enough to make them read your next post with interest.

If youre trying to become the go-to person in your niche, you cant afford not to engage with your fans, followers and subscribers at every opportunity.

But I Havent Got the TimeNobody has, really but if we enjoy something, we usually manage to squeeze a few minutes here and there, right?

15Start and Grow Your Own BusinessIf you dont have time to read emails yourself, ask your VA or another dedicated person to read and weed for you.!)

READ FIRSTIf you dont have time to read emails yourself, ask your VA or another dedicated person to read and weed for you. She can promptly send back simple information in response to impersonal questions such as: Where do I find your Handy Dandy Impersonator Mark IV? Ive lost the link! And she can alert you to letters you really ought to answer yourself (E.G. really appropriate and exciting JV proposals, personal letters, etc.)

16Start and Grow Your Own BusinessDedicate a day or two to monitoring your social networks and finding out the premium times when your followers appear online.Dedicate a day or two to monitoring your social networks and finding out the premium times when your followers appear online. (Make notes! Put them in a .CSV Excel spreadsheet.)

17Start and Grow Your Own BusinessMake a daily habit of spending ten minutes during that period.

Jot down the URL or Pinterest photo for any great information you can share.

Make a daily habit of spending ten minutes during that period (a) uploading a photo, sharing a joke, asking a question, making an observation (b) clicking the Like button or thanking people who Retweet your tweets. (Youll even have time to make the odd personal reply or unsolicited comment!) Ten minutes a day. Thats all it takes.

Jot down the URL or Pinterest photo for any great information you can share as you come across these during the day.

18Start and Grow Your Own BusinessAt night, before you log off, use a free social management site such as TweetDeck or HootSuite

At night, before you log off, use a free social management site such as TweetDeck or HootSuite to schedule posts featuring the things youd like to share at intervals during the day.

19Start and Grow Your Own BusinessThose who appear during the same two hour period every single day

Those who appear briefly several times during the day

Those who visit daily but not always at the same time


If you do invest in taking a few days to monitor when your subscribers and fans appear on social networks, youll find there are three groups of regulars:

1.Those who appear during the same two hour period every single day2.Those who appear briefly several times during the day3.Those who visit daily but not always at the same time(The ones who visit sporadically you probably wont see at all!)Using this combination method of ten minutes of live interaction combined with pre-scheduled posts helps ensure your face and voice are present whenever they log on, furthering the feeling community.

20Interactivity with Website and Mobile

Module 4: Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & CustomersNow that weve dealt with one-on-one communication, lets take a look at even more interactivity.One of the hottest trends nowadays one that hasnt stopped growing yet is Mobile addiction. And if people are not actually addicted, many seem pretty close to it!21Start and Grow Your Own BusinessMobile use is here to stay because it:Is so easy, it creates a habitBrings immediate gratificationIs often fun and entertainingHelps people feel connected when their lifestyles are disconnected


Psychologically, it ties in with the whole interactivity theme and selling is nothing, if not psychology-based!First, check your target market: Are they in the right age demographic to be Mobile-savvy? (18-34 being the peak and 35-50 a close second, according to the statistics though, watching children nowadays, it may feel more like birth to 34!)Ask and survey your subscribers and clients: Do they prefer Mobile communication over emails? Do they like QR codes? (Do they know what a QR code is?) Do they prefer text messages?You can have apps created for your company or website relatively inexpensive to help you clients engage better with you. (Some of your services, such as shopping carts and social networks, should be able to provide these too.The reason people love Mobiles so much? Two words: Instant gratification. They can let people know where they are with apps such as Foursquare. They can ask for recommendations to local businesses or websites (make sure yours is a site thats recommended!)

22Start and Grow Your Own BusinessThey can: Ask a question and get an instant answer

Look up facts and locations on maps

Find a store (online or off) 23Start and Grow Your Own BusinessPlay games to fill gaps while they wait in line (or for children)

Check Facebook

Check Pinterest (if theyve got the right type of Mobile)

24Start and Grow Your Own BusinessUse apps to perform useful tasks, such as keeping track of what theyre spending or telling them where the next gas station is

Enter contests

Text-message25Win prizes

Find coupons and deals

Talk to a family member no matter where they happen to be in the world

26Six Effective Ways to Connect with your Market by Mobile

Module 4: Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & CustomersSo how can you connect with your audience via Mobile, if youve discovered theyre active users? How can you reach hidden segments who rarely bother any more with PC interaction?27Start and Grow Your Own BusinessHere are six tactics to consider, when deciding how to best connect:Make sure your blog or website is optimized for mobile

Make sure your blog or website is optimized for mobile. Not only are there blog themes specifically designed for this, but you can also use the WPTouch plug-in for WordPress so that your site will display properly. (You can find it doing a search with Add New on your Plugins dashboard).You can also use AvidMobile, a service that can quickly customize and app your company site to display properly on Mobiles.28Start and Grow Your Own BusinessConsider using QR code

Consider using QR codes in your advertising, business stationery and products. A QR code is a special bar code that, when scanned with a phone camera, sends people directly to a link set by you. (Hint: Think of it as a Graphic and put it on every surface you can think of, locally and online!)

(Its so easy to do: You can instantly generate QR codes for free at Kaywa,

29Start and Grow Your Own BusinessKnow when your particular Mobile market peak usage time occurs.

Use couponsJust as on Facebook, you will find that there really are times when people connect and check more frequently. (Practical eCommerce gives general peak periods as 5 p.m. Thursday to Monday, 9 a.m., as well as early morning, late afternoon and late evening.)

Its a proven fact that peop...